Craig Bellamy's confession as Kasey Badger reaction to Xavier Coates try goes viral

The NRL official was seemingly in awe as the Melbourne Storm player scored one of the great tries.

Craig Bellamy and Melbourne Storm players have revealed how Xavier Coates was perfectly prepared for his miraculous match-winning try on Saturday night because he practices it at every training session. With the Storm trailing 24-26 against the Warriors, Bellamy's side launched one final attacking raid in a desperate attempt to snatch the game in the final seconds.

They spread the ball to Coates on the wing, who looked like he was going to run out of room as Dallin Watene-Zelezniak came across in defence. But what Coates did next was nothing short of insane.

Craig Bellamy, Xavier Coates and Kasey Badger.
Kasey Badger summed up the NRL world's reaction to the Xavier Coates try.

The Queensland winger leaped into the air from nearly five metres out from the try-line, before manoeuvring his body in a way that meant he was still in the air as he was pushed over the sideline. With his whole body over the sideline but not touching the ground, Coates managed to plant the ball over the try-line for one of the most memorable four-pointers in NRL history.

Speaking on Fox League, Cooper Cronk and Michael Ennis both said it was the greatest try they'd ever seen, while plenty of fans agreed with them on social media. But as Bellamy and his players revealed after full-time, Coates' try was anything but a fluke.

"He didn't just did do that tonight because that's what needed doing, he practices that," the coach said. "Since he's been here, he's been one of our hardest workers and he's probably had nearly the best pre-season of anyone we've ever had here.

"Just with hard work but also doing the things like catching high balls, the things he needs to do in his job. He practices that and if he doesn't practice that, he don't score that try tonight. He's one hell of an athlete but what he's doing at the moment isn't surprising anyone here because we know he's put in the work and he's getting rewards for that and we're getting rewards for that."

Xavier Coates.
Xavier Coates' try is one of the greatest in NRL history. (Getty Images)


Ryan Papenhuyzen, who also produced an incredible display in just his second NRL game since breaking his leg last year, said: “He does that every (training) session. You look over in the corner and go ‘when’s he going to use it’, but that scenario there where we most needed it, he delivered.”

NRL fans and commentators were in complete awe of Coates' try - and so was touch judge Kasey Badger. A photo of the official has gone viral on social media showing Badger with mouth agape was Coates flew through the air.

Craig Bellamy didn't think Storm could come back

Bellamy made the hilarious admission that he'd given up hope his side could come back when they trailed by eight points late in the game. “I was about to leave with 10 minutes to go, jump in the car and go home. I thought that was it,” he joked.

“There are not too many guys in our game that can score a try like that. He’s one hell of a player Xavier. I just shook his hand, patted him on the back and (said) well done. I’ll give him something when we get in there (the dressing rooms). I like to do it privately.

"But I’ll tell you what, he practices that after nearly every training session and that’s why he scored tonight … that’s the person and player Xavier is. He’s probably had one of the best pre-seasons I’ve had from anyone. These things in games he’s capable of doing ... to do what he did tonight you’ve got to practice and he did.”