'We're not happy': Broncos legend exposes deep divide at club

Gordon Tallis is concerned by what he's seeing at the Broncos. Pic: Getty

Gordon Tallis has made the extraordinary claim that it wouldn't bother him if he never set foot back inside his old club again.

The premiership-winning Broncos legend has found it difficult watching Brisbane struggle this season, with their fourth straight defeat coming in Thursday night's 27-6 loss to the Newcastle Knights.

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The Broncos have come under heavy criticism in recent weeks from a number of Broncos legends, particularly after the chastening 59-0 loss to the Roosters.

While they followed that drubbing with a thrilling two-point loss to Manly, Thursday night's defeat to the Knights extends a horror run of results for the once mighty Brisbane side.

Tallis was called out for his criticism of the side recently, when prop Matt Lodge invited him to actually attend training and offer some constructive input.

The Broncos great said he had no desire whatsoever to take up the offer and on Thursday night alluded to the issues at the club that are keeping him and other club legends away.

“I’m not sure whether (coach Anthony) Seibold has the runs on the board and the CEO (Paul White), because he’s been there for four coaches,” Tallis said.

“I’m not sure whether he’s making the right decisions and that’s why they’ve gone and bought a Ben Te’o and an Isaac Luke, they’ve missed (Kalyn) Ponga, they’ve missed players.

“The decisions that are getting made there are poor. When you talk about the old boys or that they’ve had an old boy going back, and we would have all tied in, he’s (Seibold) kept us at arms length.”

“I would welcome all of them back but a couple of times with the group, they’ve tried to get to games and it just hasn’t worked so I don’t know because I’m not part of that group but I know I’d like to be part of it,” he added.

“I’m proud of the club, it’s a club I wanted to play for but it doesn’t worry me whether I ever walk back in there or not. That shouldn’t be the case and I’m pretty sure it’s the same for a lot of the old boys.

Anger over Walters being overlooked as coach

Tallis has stated on several occasions that the Broncos made a handshake agreement with Maroons mentor Kevin Walters to take over from former coach Wayne Bennett, only to turn around and give the job to Seibold.

Walters himself has refused to be drawn on the issue but it appears to be a major reason why he and Tallis have not leant their support to the club.

"I think if you asked us all honestly, and they didn’t have a filter like me, we’d all be the same. Kevvie Walters should have been given the opportunity to fail, not be told he wasn’t good enough.

Tallis is not happy that Kevin Walters was overlooked for the Broncos coaching role. Pic: Getty

“I feel sorry for the players because they don’t get support from the old boys and I’m one of them. And it’s because of what’s happened above them, all the decisions that are getting made at the club, we’re not happy with them. I’m not there but we want it to be successful.

“When I was 15 I wanted them to win, now I’m 47 I want the Broncos to be successful. I want them to win, I want Queensland teams to win. So when we have a go, it’s not that we’re having a go at them, we’re worried about them and we talk about them. I’m in the media so I get asked about them, so I given my honest opinion from what I’m hearing and what I’m looking.

Tallis reiterated his recent criticism that the Broncos' recruitment of recent years has simply not been up to scratch.

"There have been big names come off contract and we haven’t gone after them," he added.

Broncos coach admits changes are needed

Brisbane’s coach admitted after the Knights defeat that he will look at changes to the team after a lone intercept try laid on by former player Andrew McCullough was their only source of points in Gosford.

McCullough, the Brisbane veteran who was released a month ago, handed his former team their only try of the night to Xavier Coates as Newcastle scored a 21-point win.

Since the NRL competition restarted the Broncos have not scored a second-half try and the trend continued, going into the sheds down 13-6 before conceding another two in the second half.

The loss intensifies serious concerns about the club's attack led by halves Anthony Milford and Brodie Croft, but Seibold said he has reservations about bringing in halfback Tom Dearden who has not played since last June.

"There's no doubt we need more from our elite players," Seibold said.

"When we're conceding so many penalties and six-agains, particularly out of yardage, for Milly and Crofty, it's hard for them to come into the game.

"There was plenty of effort there at different times. I won't call it dumb, but we're not playing smart.

"Maybe I need to look at making some changes."

The Broncos will now be hoping to avoid five straight defeats when they face the Gold Coast Titans at Suncorp Stadium next weekend.

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