Brian To'o's fiery swipe at 'lying' rival after controversy in World Club Challenge

The Penrith winger was not happy with his rival after the devastating and controversial loss.

Penrith winger Brian To'o in the World Club Challenge.
Penrith winger Brian To'o (pictured right) has blasted Wigan over the contentious try awarded to the UK club in their Club World Challenge defeat. (Getty Images)

Brian To'o has blasted his Wigan rival after the Panthers felt dudded over a try awarded to the UK club in their World Club Challenge defeat. The Panthers were defeated in the World Club Challenge showdown having succumbed to a Wigan second-half rally to go down 16-12.

However, NRL fans in Australia were left furious over a contentious try awarded to the home team in the second-half. The on-field referee awarded Jake Wardle a try, before sending it upstairs to see if he stopped short of the line. Many believe Wardle was clearly short of the line, according to replays, but controversially the try was awarded.

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The Panthers weren't afforded the same courtesy when Taylan May crashed over at the death, with the video referee upholding the on-field call of no try because of inconclusive evidence. And To'o - who was involved in the tackle on Wardle - has lashed out over the decision, which ultimately cost the Panthers their first title in the competition.

“You can’t change much. The result is made, but he already knows he didn’t get it over the line,” To’o told The Sydney Morning Herald. “I’m sure the ref knows as well. Lying is a sin, as well.

“I already knew he didn’t get it down and when they awarded it, you’ve just got to move on. It is what it is. I’m happy for them. They can enjoy the win, and they deserve it, I guess.” On Monday morning, Penrith legend Greg Alexander was more ruthless with his words and blasted the call from the video referee as the 'worst I have ever seen'.

“The video referee performance, especially in the second half with the awarding of the Jake Wardle try, was the worst I’ve ever seen. The worst video referee decision I’ve ever seen,” Alexander said on SEN Radio. “He had the temerity to say there is insufficient evidence to change the on-field decision... he was a foot short. He was a foot short of the try-line. I don’t think you could get a better camera angle to make a better decision on that incident.”

Liam Farrell lifts the trophy.
Liam Farrell and the Wigan Warriors celebrate their World Club Challenge victory. (Photo by Lewis Storey/Getty Images) (Lewis Storey via Getty Images)

Penrith Panthers fall short in UK once again

For all the possession and opportunity, the three-time defending NRL champions could only produce 12 points. And Nathan Cleary was quick to admit the club was not up to it against a fired up Wigan outfit. "That's the thing about this particular competition, we get to see the best teams together, and Wigan were too good tonight," Cleary told broadcaster Sky Sports.

"We didn't execute as well as they did. They had three opportunities and scored three tries and that was the difference. They executed better than us and maybe that was enough." Penrith coach Ivan Cleary agreed with Nathan and admitted the Panthers were not at their best for the match. “Our attack was a little clunky at times, which is not surprising, the first game of the season and quite a few different combinations as well," he said.

“In three trips in our end, they scored three tries, which is something we don’t pride ourselves on. They took their chances and we didn’t and congratulations to Wigan for doing that.” The Panthers lost the corresponding fixture at Penrith Stadium last year. The Panthers have failed to win in their three attempts at the World Club Challenge.

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