'May save his career': Has Trent Barrett outsmarted Phil Gould?

Trent Barrett, pictured here at a Canterbury Bulldogs training session.
Trent Barrett let Phil Gould run a Bulldogs training session. Image: Getty

Trent Barrett should be congratulated – not castigated – for being big enough to lean on Phil Gould as the last-placed Bulldogs look to dig themselves out of a giant hole.

Canterbury is running last on the back of six-straight losses and look headed for another wooden spoon.

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They have the Roosters on the weekend and are at name-your-own odds to even get close.

Barrett's win/loss record is appalling and he's got one foot out the door unless there is a dramatic change.

Gus has won premierships and State of Origin series. He sees things in players and teams others don't.

Yes, he's opinionated to the point of being arrogant but they are not personality traits foreign to successful people.

Patience is not one of his virtues, although he often calls for this when discussing the way out for the Bulldogs.

This is not an overnight fix but Gus has identified a few areas that can be rectified immediately to at least make the side competitive on a regular basis.

And perhaps it will give him a greater appreciation for what Barrett is dealing with.

It may help save Barrett's career. So why be too proud to ask for help?

Why not throw Gus the keys and let him lift the bonnet?

What option did Barrett have anyway? What did you expect him to say when Gould approached?

"Piss off, Gus, I've got this?"

"No thanks Gus, we're doing okay without you?"

"You stick to your job, Gus, and I'll stick to mine?"

Trent Barrett, pictured here during the Bulldogs' loss to South Sydney.
Trent Barrett looks on during the Bulldogs' loss to South Sydney. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Trent Barrett move the smartest he's made?

Those suggesting a Trent Robinson or a Michael Maguire would never have put up with this sort of interference are right.

They wouldn’t because those blokes have runs on the board. Barrett doesn’t.

If he gets the boot, his days as a head coach will be over before he turns 45.

He will be known as the bloke who left Manly over garden furniture and guided the proud Canterbury club to consecutive spoons.

The best he can hope for is an assistant coaching job somewhere down the track.

Barrett has made a lot of blues during his time in coaching but letting Gould have some control may prove the smartest move he's ever made.

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