'Not prepared to do that': Paul Kent quits over radio walk-out drama

Pictured left is NRL reporter Paul Kent and former Triple M colleague Anthony Maroon on the right.
Paul Kent has left his role at Triple M after refusing to apologise over an incident involving colleague Anthony Maroon. Pic: Triple M

Paul Kent has quit his role at Sydney radio station Triple M after refusing to apologise over an incident that saw colleague Anthony Maroon storm off set during a recent program.

Maroon, who hosts Triple M's weekend NRL program in Sydney, walked off mid-show after being bombarded by questions over allegedly taking cash jobs on the side.

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Amid much laughter, his fellow panellists Kent, Gorden Tallis, and James Hooper all took turns at firing pot shots at Maroon, who repeatedly threatened to divulge secrets about the trio's off-air lives if they didn’t stop bringing up his alleged cash payments.

After revealing that he'd asked his colleagues to stop making jokes at his expense on numerous occasions, Maroon spectacularly walked off set, leaving Kent to anchor the program.

Triple M footy presenter Anthony Maroon said he walked off set after his radio colleagues 'went too far' with their jokes at his expense. Pic: Instagram
Triple M footy presenter Anthony Maroon said he walked off set after his radio colleagues 'went too far' with their jokes at his expense. Pic: Instagram

Maroon insisted the ribbing from his colleagues had "gone too far", with Kent's exit from the station centring around a "differing view" on the controversy.

Kent was asked by the station to apologise over the incident, but after refusing to do so he made the decision to cut ties with the station.

“Triple M Sydney confirms that Paul Kent has left the Sunday Sin Bin show,” a Triple M Sydney spokesman said in a statement.

“Events over recent weeks in relation to the incident on the Sin Bin went too far and we asked Paul Kent to offer an apology. Paul has a differing view and, on that basis, has made the decision to part ways with Triple M.

“We wish Paul the best and thank him for his contribution to Triple M’s NRL coverage.

“We look forward to continuing to inform and entertain Triple M listeners for the remainder of this footy season and beyond.”

Kent reiterated Triple M's statement in comments to The Daily Telegraph on Thursday afternoon.

“Triple M have asked me to apologise for the incidents that have occurred over recent weeks,” Kent said in a statement.

“I’m not prepared to do that, I have already gone on the record with my views on the matter.

“On that basis I’ve made the decision to move on from my role at Triple M. We part on good terms.”

Paul Kent insists jokes were part of the radio show

Kent penned an article for NewsCorp earlier in the week explaining that taking pot-shots at one another was part of the Triple M radio program he and Maroon worked on together.

The NRL 360 co-host also suggested that Maroon gave it as good as he got it and should not be painted out to be a helpless victim unable to defend himself.

Speaking about his on-air walk-off before Triple M’s coverage of Canberra’s win over the Bulldogs in round 9 of the NRL, Maroon thanked his supporters after insisting the barbs from his colleagues "went too far".

“If we have to mention it, I was a little bit upset. An incident occurred here last weekend,” Maroon said.

“Obviously I thought it went too far so I took off out of the studio.

“I just want to say thanks so much to the support of all the listeners who have bothered to stop me in the street and wish me all the best.

“I was at a function today with the boys and I got a similar reception which was absolutely wonderful.

“Not only that, I don’t need to say this, but Triple M management have checked in on me everyday and made sure I need what I need to get through these times, which is probably why I’ve spent most of my career here, and I’m very grateful to them.

“It’s onwards and upwards.”

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