Huge NRL drug test twist in Kalyn Ponga toilet controversy

Kalyn Ponga (pictured) points during an NRL game.
The NRL won't be releasing the reported drug tests from Kalyn Ponga (pictured) or Kurt Mann under their policy. (Getty Images)

The NRL won't be releasing the results of the reported drug tests from Kalyn Ponga or Kurt Mann due to the league's policy after the duo were caught up in the toilet video drama.

Ponga and Mann found themselves in hot water this week after a video emerged of them being escorted out of a toilet cubicle at a Newcastle pub on Saturday night.

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Knights director of football Peter Parr fronted the media on Tuesday and said the matter would not be taken further for the time being and it was now in the hands of the NRL Integrity Unit.

Both Newcastle and the NRL say they have no reason to be concerned that drugs could be involved, with claims Ponga was ill after celebrating the purchase of a house and was being aided by Mann.

However, while the pair are believed to have undergone a drug test on Tuesday, the public won't know the results.

"We have an illicit drug policy...and when someone has a positive test there's a series of protocols that then happen. But those are not made public," said Abdo.

"Our job is to protect the players and protect the sport, that's the job of integrity (unit).

"They will do everything that they deem reasonable in order to protect the game, including protecting the players and stakeholders.

"If we have information, then we need to act on it and do it professionally. And I think that's what's unfolding at the moment."

Kurt Mann and Kalyn Ponga, pictured here leaving a toilet cubicle together.
Kurt Mann and Kalyn Ponga were filmed leaving a toilet cubicle together. Image: Supplied

NRL boss defends investigation into Ponga and Mann

Abdo also defended the decision for the NRL Integrity Unit to investigate the incident.

Questions have been asked to why Ponga was drinking, while out for the season due to repeated concussions.

However Abdo doubled down and claimed the NRL would investigate without presuming any rules had been broken.

"No-one is saying that they have breached the rules. But clearly there's been a lot of talk and a lot of media publicity around the incident," Abdo said.

"Our job is to get all the facts and then make the determination. And not to prejudge anything."

Neither Ponga or Mann will be lining-up for the Knights against Canberra this weekend due to injuries.

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