Brandon Smith responds to staggering claims about Craig Bellamy

Brandon Smith and Craig Bellamy, pictured here in Melbourne.
Brandon Smith has responded to claims he has fallen out with Craig Bellamy. Image: Getty

Brandon Smith has angrily shot down reports of a falling out with Melbourne Storm coach Craig Bellamy.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported earlier this month that Smith was 'on the nose' with Bellamy and had 'worn out his welcome in Melbourne' ahead of his move to the Roosters.

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Bellamy failed to mention Smith's name while paying tribute to other departing players in his post-match press conference after Melbourne's finals loss to the Raiders .

But Smith has emphatically denied 'bullshit' reports he has fallen out with Bellamy in an interview with veteran journalist Phil Rothfield.

The Kiwi forward said he and Bellamy shared an emotional moment in the dressing rooms after Melbourne's season was ended in the first week of the finals in which they both thanked each other.

“Seeing that article last week … It was bullshit. To say something like that about our personal relationship … it could not have been further from the truth," he said.

“It was tough to read because we’ve always had a special bond. Bellsa doesn’t mind having the odd larrikin around the club. He’s got Munster too and I think he enjoys it.

“There’s a very soft side to him. I’ve spent nearly every day with him for six years. I’d do anything for him. If he asked me to paint his house I wouldn’t hesitate.

“From day one when I announced I was joining the Roosters, he was great. I walked into his office and he said he’d never hold a grudge against me. He treated me like any other player.”

Brandon Smith, pictured here before Melbourne's clash with the Raiders.
Brandon Smith looks on before Melbourne's clash with the Raiders. (Photo by Daniel Pockett/Getty Images)

Brandon Smith speaks about move to Roosters

Smith also dispelled rumours he's moving to the Roosters for more money, claiming he was actually offered $100,000 more by the Storm and $200,000 more to join the Dolphins.

The New Zealand international's move to Sydney was at the centre of controversy late last year when comments he made on an infamous podcast episode were branded 'disrespectful' towards the Storm.

“I was just looking at the Roosters jersey … going, ‘I want to win a premiership in that jersey'," he said at the time.

Addressing the controversy, Smith told Rothfield: “I definitely regret it but I can’t take it back. Sometimes I don’t even understand things before I say it. My mouth just rambles. It’s who I am. It’s in my DNA."

Craig Bellamy, pictured here during Melbourne's loss to Canberra in the NRL finals.
Craig Bellamy looks on during Melbourne's loss to Canberra in the NRL finals. (Photo by Daniel Pockett/Getty Images)

Veteran NRL journalist Danny Weidler wrote on the SMH earlier this month: "Smith had worn out his welcome in Melbourne, to the point where Storm coach Craig Bellamy didn’t even mention his name when paying tribute to departing players during his final media conference of the year.

"Bellamy has not been keeping it to himself that he was less than thrilled with Smith this season."

Bellamy subjected Smith to some brutal treatment late in the season after the forward was suspended for calling a referee a 'cheating bastard'.

Smith was banned three weeks for dissent, with Bellamy making him train by himself and away from the team for the entirety of the suspension.

"I think I was getting punished for not putting the team first," Smith said last month.

"The isolation is about making you feel guilty for your actions by taking away what you love most and for me in footy that's playing with my mates."

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