'We have gone soft': Anger over NRL's punishment for Zac Lomax act

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Zac Lomax, pictured here jumping on Tyson Frizell's back after a Dragons try.
Zac Lomax copped a $1000 fine for jumping on Tyson Frizell's back. Image: Fox Sports

Someone who knows how to do these things should have set-up a GoFundMe page for Zac Lomax to fight the fine imposed on him for going OTT in celebrating a try at Tyson Frizell's expense during the Dragons' win over Newcastle.

Fight it because the penalty didn’t fit the crime on the NRL's confusing scales of punishment.

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Do they really rate Lomax's 'offence' on the same level as Nathan Cleary's ugly leg-wrap tackle on Billy Walters?

Apparently they do because both incidents incurred a $1000 fine?

The Cleary tackle could have caused considerable damage, and to his credit, the star half-back put his hand up, apologised, and conceded it was dangerous.

Lomax jumping on Frizell's back after Saints scored was childish, disrespectful and unsportsmanlike.

But it's also part of rugby league theatre, especially in the era of no biffo.

The NRL just needed to email the Dragons to suggest they have a quiet word with their gifted but loose cannon of a centre and tell him to pull his head in.

Instead, minutes after the charge sheet came out, fans with decent memories and the ability to screen shot moments posted a pic of Frizell embracing Queenslander Will Chambers in the in-goal as NSW celebrated a try during an Origin match.

It wasn't on the Lomax scale of rubbing your nose in it, but nothing was done about it back then.

As for Lomax copping a serve from a fired-up David Klemmer at full-time, isn’t this the same Klemmer who told Corey Parker to "get f….d you c..t" in Game II of the 2015 Origin series?

The Newcastle prop is hardly in a position to hand out sermons on respect.

Tyson Frizell, pictured here dragging Will Chambers into a NSW celebration during a State of Origin game.
Tyson Frizell once dragged Will Chambers into a NSW celebration during a State of Origin game. Image: Channel Nine

Anger over punishment for Zac Lomax act

The NRL want to get involved in all facets of the game, to eradicate any behaviour deemed unpalatable by TV commentators or Twitter narks.

Michael Ennis's hilarious Viking Clap mock would incur a fine or suspension these days, Mark Riddell would be under the cosh for leaving the field of play to applaud his own try and the NSW Origin team would still be serving life without parole for dissing Queensland with the grenade celebration in 2000.

As for Allan Langer's 'Saints Can't Play' ditty, well, throw away the keys.

Beaten players used to store these sledges away and draw on them in their next contest, often inspiring them to exact revenge while extracting two competition points.

Not anymore.

Former Brisbane star Jharal Yow Yeh said: "I genuinely think Zac Lomax getting charged and fine(d) is why our players will soon be robots, can’t have fun or a personality.

"I say it again, if I’m playing and my mate is in the way of a celebration, I 100 per cent do the same thing to take the piss. #wehavegonesoft."

Yes we have, Jharal. Yes we have.

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