Matty Johns confirms bombshell rumour about himself and Andrew

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Matthew and Andrew Johns, pictured here during a NSW training session in 2018.
Matthew and Andrew Johns look on during a NSW training session in 2018. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Matty Johns has confirmed reports that he and brother Andrew are looking to team up with Sonny Bill Williams to coach Samoa.

Samoa players are reportedly agitating for change, with current coach Matt Parish believed to be under pressure to retain his job.

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Rumours have been circulating in recent weeks that Matty and Andrew Johns are keen to take over for the Rugby League World Cup later this year.

And on Sunday night, Matty confirmed that they're serious about the idea and want Williams on board too.

"They’ve got a head coach at the moment there. But I spoke to Joey (Andrew) again about it today, and yeah (we are serious), definitely,” Johns said on Sunday Night with Matty Johns.

“We’ve got full-time jobs so I don’t know how it would work out, and Joey has been talking to Sonny Bill Williams as well.

“We would do it for nothing. Quite seriously, and Joey is the same, you wouldn’t take a cent. Sonny wouldn’t.

“It would be a bit of three-way coaching. I don’t know how it would work, but in my opinion Samoa should be emulating what Tonga are doing.

“There should be a goal that within a couple of years Samoa should be beating Australia, like Tonga have been doing.

“I want to be respectful because they do have a coach, but if something happens then Joey and I are available.”

Sonny Bill Williams, pictured here in action for the Roosters in 2020.
Sonny Bill Williams in action for the Roosters in 2020. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Johns brothers want Samoa to emulate Tonga

Matty previously expressed his desire to grow the international game.

“In our sport we’ve got the balance wrong. State of Origin is the pinnacle of our sport, it should be international football,” he said.

“We need stronger international football. And the godsend for that has been Tonga.

“I was talking to Joey the other day. Because he’s been over to Samoa a few times, surfing. He wants to coach you guys. That’s the world going around.

“I tell you what, If Andrew did, I’d be proud to.”

Tonga has risen from minnows to world beaters in recent years, knocking off top dogs Australia and New Zealand to become a Tier 1 nation.

Johns said with the likes of Jarome Luai, Brian To’o, Stephen Crichton, Junior Paulo and Dylan Brown, there's no reason why Samoa can't do the same.

Luai, who was sitting on the couch next to Johns on Sunday night, was all for the idea.

“Having someone like these guys, who have done it all, would be pretty special,” Luai said.

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