Mark Geyer opens up on Lawrence Mooney rumours after Triple M exit

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Mark Geyer and Lawrence Mooney, pictured here on air with Triple M.
Mark Geyer has opened up about Lawrence Mooney's departure from Triple M. Image: Triple M

Mark Geyer famously eyeballed the great Wally Lewis and lived to tell the tale in one of State of Origin's most enduring moments.

But taking on the King was a thumb fight compared to the shit-storm he's walked in on at Sydney radio station Triple M.

The former league representative has been recalled to the ailing Breakfast show just as his intended co-host Lawrence 'Moonman' Mooney headed to the exit en route to his lawyers' chambers.

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The speculation around Mooney's abrupt and abrasive departure – with a year to run on his million-dollar deal – has swirled in Sydney's rumour-hungry media circles for a fortnight.

The comedian has not spoken and won’t, preferring to do his talking through legal eagles.

Geyer was looking forward to working with Mooney and was surprised to read the feeling may not have been mutual.

"It was a shock to me. I was looking forward to working with Loz and that was the idea originally pitched to me," MG told Yahoo Sport Australia in his first interview on the subject.

"We could have worked together for sure. There's no doubt about it. I was excited about it.

"I honestly don't know what's happened apart from the fact lawyers are now involved. I'm the deer in the spotlight."

Gus Worland, Matthew Johns and Mark Geyer at the Southern Cross Austereo Launch in 2014. (AAP Image/Southern Cross Austereo, Ashley Mar)
Gus Worland, Matthew Johns and Mark Geyer at the Southern Cross Austereo Launch in 2014. (AAP Image/Southern Cross Austereo, Ashley Mar)

Mark Geyer to bring more rugby league to breakfast

The Breakfast show's ratings have been on the slide, with Mooney and co-hosts Jess Eva and Chris Page unable to stop the haemorrhaging.

Triple M management has made no secret of the fact sport, in particular rugby league, is a big part of the planned revival in 2022.

NRL talk always felt forced when Mooney was at the mic but it's MG's second language.

"I could talk footy all day – there will be no shortage of rugby league on the show," he promised.

"They wanted someone to bring a bit of sport content and news and views from western Sydney and the NRL and I fit that bill.

"I think it's just about being a normal bloke with a family. I don’t pretend to be someone I'm not.

"I muck up words and get them wrong. I'm always told I'm 'close and a half' so that's good enough.

"I think the audience appreciates I'm being myself."

Geyer, who will rack up 15 years at Triple M in 2022, laughs when asked if he can spearhead a ratings revival.

"That is a loaded question. It's a tough market but I am going to try my hardest," he said.

"We just want to be in the fight and hopefully I can put the gloves on and help them."

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