'Going to implode': Broncos coach rubbishes explosive claims

Andrew Reid
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Pictured here, Kevin Walters talks to reporters after Brisbane's loss to the Titans.
Kevin Walters denies suggestions that Brisbane's board ordered him to scrap a planned team function at the races. Pic: Getty

Brisbane coach Kevin Walters has dismissed claims by Gorden Tallis of a rift between him and the Broncos' board after the club legend made a withering assessment of his former club.

Tallis claimed the board reluctantly handed Walters the reins this season and were undermining him by not allowing players to attend an old boys function at the races after their Friday night loss to the Gold Coast.

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In a fiery Triple M radio segment Tallis said: "Just watch this space because I think its (the club) going to implode".

"They need to give him (Walters) full reins and support him. If he is the coach there he can't be getting blocked with the things he wants to do."

Fellow league great Mark Geyer also warned that Walters' tenure as Broncos coach was "doomed before it starts" if the Brisbane power-brokers didn't let the coach do things his way.

“If Kevvie Walters doesn’t have total autonomy in Brisbane like last year (Anthony) Seibold didn’t have it, then his tenure is doomed before it starts,” Geyer said.

“You’ve got Gordie saying that and Corey Parker saying how is a race going to fix things?

"I’ll tell you how it’ll fix it is, one thing in rugby league that never changes no matter how much we get and it’s the interaction with ex-players and the current players when they are struggling.

“Every club does it and you need your current players to realise how much blood, sweat and tears the old players shed for that jersey.

“On a social day it’s where it all comes out after a couple of beers and guess what? The young guys go back to training and say: how good was it having a beer with that bloke or hearing that story?”

Broncos coach scrapped race function

Walters hit back at claims he was being undermined by the Broncos board in a statement on Monday, insisting it was his decision to scrap the race day get-together.

"With this race day, it's a non-issue. There was no ban or snub of the old boys, I made a decision early in the week that being at the races less than 24 hours after we played a game wasn't a good option," he said.

"We have seen plenty of the Broncos old boys across the past few months, we've had basically all of the Broncos captains come in over the pre-season to speak to the players.

"Educating the current players about Broncos history and what it means to be a Bronco has been a real focus for us, and we make sure they have access to the former players every day - and that will continue, you can be certain of that."

Gordon Tallis is seen here performing his commentary duties at an NRL match.
Gordon Tallis says he fears Kevin Walters' relationship with the Broncos board could come dramatically unstuck. Pic: Getty

Incoming chief executive Dave Donaghy is yet to begin at the club but interim boss Neil Monaghan said the board had been impressed by Walters' ability to reconnect with the club's former greats and supported his call for them to skip the race day.

"With the former players, our doors are always open," he said.

"Kev has made a lot of headway in a short period of time in engaging the former players, and we want to continue to help him with that process.

"We now have a heap of old boys mentoring our current players on a daily basis, and those relationships will continue to grow - one missed race day isn't going to take away from that."

Meanwhile Matt Lodge (hamstring) is set to return to skills training this week after his round one injury and is a chance to face the Bulldogs on Saturday.

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