'Ridiculous take': Gus Gould hits new low with 'arrogant' insult

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Joey Manu, pictured here after Latrell Mitchell's sickening hit.
Phil Gould's comments about Latrell Mitchell and Joey Manu have been condemned. Image: Getty


If concerned Channel 9 bosses want a small insight into why their rugby league coverage is being beaten in the ratings by re-runs of Sydney Weekender, they might want to hit ‘play’ on Phil Gould’s comments following Friday night’s spiteful Souths-Roosters clash.

They say you should never talk down to your audience but Gus threw that old broadcast rule out the window as he angrily attacked those who thought Latrell Mitchell’s sickening hit on Joey Manu was anything other than an accident.

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Apparently you had to have played at the top level to understand the only thing Mitchell got wrong was his timing.

Flanked by Paul Gallen and Andrew Johns, Gus started: "Everyone who has played the game, particularly at this level, would understand what’s happened with this collision.

"There will be a lot of people at home calling for his (Mitchell’s) head, particularly people who have never played the game.

"People who have never been in that position saying this is a blatant attack and a vicious attack just don’t understand how wrong these things can go.

"Latrell was doing what fullbacks do and there will be people who never played this game or never been in that position who don’t understand that.

"We do, they don’t."

Tell that to Manu, who is laid up in hospital with an injury comparable to a car crash victim. His season is over.

Tell that to Trent Robinson, who could not conceal his anger, or sidelined Roosters players who wanted to tear Mitchell apart.

We reckon they all know a thing or two about playing the game at the top level and can tell the difference between a genuine accident and an act of madness.

The NRL match review went straight past ‘careless’ to arrive at ‘reckless’ when charging Mitchell because that’s exactly what it was – reckless.

Yet Gould arrogantly declared the rest of us don’t know what we’re talking about because we’ve never taken a hit up from the kick-off or forced a repeat set.

It’s a ridiculous take and fans were outraged by the put-down and insinuation their opinion and assessment doesn’t count.

One fan posted: "Thanks for attempting to make every person watching who hasn’t played the game at that level feel like they aren’t capable of understanding. This type of commentary is why I haven’t watched channel 9 in many years."

Latrell Mitchell, pictured here in action against the Roosters.
Latrell Mitchell has been suspended for the rest of the season. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Dog of a decision

Manly probably still would have gone on to beat wooden spooners Canterbury regardless of the refereeing leg-ups they were given on Sunday, but it still doesn’t excuse the poor officiating.

Not only did the bunker stuff up in awarding Tom Trbojevic's try early in the second half, the on-field ref missed a blatant obstruction in the lead-up that should have led to a Bulldogs penalty.

Instead, the Sea Eagles collected six points.

The hair pull penalty on Marty Taupau was almost as laughable. That cost the Bulldogs a further two points.

Manly fans can point to the John Aloiai sin-binning as justification the poor decisions went both ways, but at least it didn't cost the Sea Eagles on the scoreboard.

As Canterbury coach Trent Barrett freely admitted, his side isn't good enough to overcome such dud calls.

It only adds weight to the game's conspiracy theorists who believe teams at the bottom of the table get a raw deal at the hands of officials.

Tom Trbojevic, pictured here scoring his controversial try against the Bulldogs.
Tom Trbojevic's controversial try against the Bulldogs. (Photo by Albert Perez/Getty Images)

Time to ease the Payne

The last thing the struggling Brisbane Broncos need is an unhappy Payne Haas.

The 21-year-old has been unstoppable in recent weeks, destroying opposition defences and eating up the metres.

He is arguably the best forward in the game. Haas is contracted to Brisbane until the end of 2024 but is in dispute with the manager who arranged that deal.

It's stymied discussions with the Broncos hierarchy, who are wanting to put a lengthy contract extension in front of the Origin prop.

They want it done ASAP, knowing rival clubs will come hunting if there is any sign of unrest.

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