Details emerge of Jarryd Hayne's audacious requests inside prison

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Jarryd Hayne, pictured here at Downing Centre District Court in Sydney.
Jarryd Hayne at Downing Centre District Court in Sydney. (AAP Image/Joel Carrett)

Jarryd Hayne has reportedly asked to be able to watch Foxtel in his prison cell, but was swiftly shot down.

The former NRL player was in March convicted of attacking a woman in her NSW Hunter bedroom on the night of the 2018 grand final and forcibly performing oral and digital sexual intercourse on her.

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Earlier this month he was sentenced to at least three years and eight months in jail and a maximum of five years and nine months.

Details have now emerged about Hayne's first few weeks in prison, with News Corp reporting about his request to watch Foxtel.

Hayne is being "kept in an isolation wing" at Parklea Correctional Centre and is said to have made the request last Sunday.

While inmates do get to watch TV in their cells, they only have access to free-to-air channels.

News Corp quoted a 'prison source' that: “They told him, he’s in jail, no inmate gets Foxtel.

“He will start to realise now the reality of prison life. 

"Small confined room and everything is done on jail time, not his.

“Gets none of his creature comforts, no doonas to keep warm at night. No delicious foods. No going and seeing friends.”

According to the report, Hayne also asked for his laundry to be done outside of the allotted day - a request that was also rejected.

Hayne is said to be eating basic "airline-style" set meals, including boiled eggs with coleslaw, tomato and cucumber for dinner, as well as tuna, cucumber and lettuce sandwiches for lunch.

Once he starts earning an income via a prison job he can buy his own food.

Last week it was reported that fellow inmates had thrown apples at Hayne after recognising him in the yard.

The entry sign, pictured here at Parklea Correctional Centre.
The entry sign to Parklea Correctional Centre. (Photo by Matt Blyth/Getty Images)

Jarryd Hayne lodges 'intention to appeal' sentence

Hayne's legal team have lodged a Notice of Intention to appeal his sentence in the NSW Supreme Court.

They now have 12 months to lodge a formal appeal.

During sentencing, District Court Judge Helen Syme said Hayne had to be jailed because non-consensual sexual intercourse was an extreme form of violence.

The judge noted Hayne, 33, only stopped attacking the 28-year-old victim when she started to bleed, not when she told him to stop.

She also said she agreed with the jury's view the woman was credible.

Jarryd Hayne, pictured here at the Downing Centre District Court.
Jarryd Hayne at the Downing Centre District Court. (AAP Image/Bianca De Marchi)

"The fact is she said no to the sexual activity the offender was forcing on her ... the offender was fully aware the victim was not consenting," the judge said.

Hayne's use of force was such that the victim had no chance to halt his actions, given he had been a professional athlete.

Judge Syme also said it was hard to consider Hayne's prospects of rehabilitation as high, given he continues to maintain his innocence.

The woman in her victim impact statement said she was plagued by constant flashbacks of seeing Hayne's face during the assault.

She said Hayne had destroyed her life and she would never be the same again.

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