Now that's a soccer-ROO! Unlikely pitch invader stops match

World Cup fever is taking over, and Australia’s capital is no exception after a rogue kangaroo invaded a football match in the Australian Capital Territory.

The National Premier League Women’s fixture between Belconnen United FC and Canberra United FC was well underway when the roo decided to make a guest appearance.

The kangaroo bounded over the grandstand fence before making a break for it across the field, leaving players and spectators shocked.

Following a quick sprint around the pitch the roo felt most comfortable between the posts and settled in the 18-yard box.

The pitch-invading kangaroo takes a rest after his cameo appearance. Pic: Twitter@CapitalFootball

Ground staff used footballs to shoo the roo however the attempt backfired with the balls instead piquing the interest of the ‘substitute goalkeeper’.

An exit eventually ensued as it made its way off the field, but the roo wasn’t done just yet.

The furry streaker was in no rush to leave entirely, making an encore appearance just as the second half got underway to further delay the match.

With the kangaroo finally given its marching orders, and despite the temporary delay, Belconnen United prevailed as 2-0 winners.