Jack Draper vs Elias Ymer LIVE! Wimbledon 2024 latest result and reaction after five-set win on Centre Court

Jack Draper vs Elias Ymer LIVE! Wimbledon 2024 latest result and reaction after five-set win on Centre Court

Jack Draper vs Elias Ymer - LIVE!

Jack Draper had said in the build-up to Wimbledon he was ready to take over the mantle of Andy Murray. This wasn’t quite late-into-the-night Murray dramatics on Centre Court to battle with the local council’s curfew times.

And yet Murray’s heir apparent had almost every facet from the Murray playbook, apt when it should have been the Scot playing the final match on Centre before his morning withdrawal in the singles. There was a dropped first set having been a break up, a loss in the fourth when victory looked to be in sight, vocal self-recriminations, shouts of “come on” and finally at the end of it all victory over Elias Ymer, the scoreline 3-6, 6-3, 6-3, 4-6, 6-3.

Draper makes no secret of how much he leans on Murray as a practice partner, confidant and advisor on the 22-year-old’s still early tennis journey, and will continue to do so in the years ahead.

Draper vs Ymer latest updates

  • Game, set and match! Draper battles into second round

  • Ymer takes Draper to fifth-set decider

  • Third set for Draper as Brit moves in front

  • Draper hits back to win second set

  • Ymer takes first set against Draper

  • Djokovic breezes into second round in straight sets

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21:30 , Matt Verri

Jack Draper had said in the build-up to Wimbledon he was ready to take over the mantle of Andy Murray.

This wasn’t quite late-into-the-night Murray dramatics on Centre Court to battle with the local council’s curfew times.

And yet Murray’s heir apparent had almost every facet from the Murray playbook, apt when it should have been the Scot playing the final match on Centre before his morning withdrawal in the singles.

There was a dropped first set having been a break up, a loss in the fourth when victory looked to be in sight, vocal self-recriminations, shouts of “come on” and finally at the end of it all victory over Elias Ymer, the scoreline 3-6, 6-3, 6-3, 4-6, 6-3.

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 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Draper pays tribute to Murray

21:28 , Matt Verri

Nice words from the British number one after his win, recognising the role Murray has had in his career.

Game, set and match!

21:15 , Matt Verri

Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 4-6 6-3 Ymer

Draper barely waits for it to quieten down before firing an ace down T. 15-0.

And another one - 30-0. Ymer challenges, pure desperation and it’s miles in.

Is that three in the row? Called out, Draper’s turn to challenge. Just out. But it’s 40-0 and three match points anyway, Ymer can’t make the pass.

ONE WILL DO! Draper gets it done in five.

Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 4-6 *5-3 Ymer

21:13 , Matt Verri

Ymer serving to stay in the match.

Draper still looks fresh, fitness has been so much better in recent months. Strides up to the net and puts away the volley.

And Ymer’s forehand then drops long, 0-30 and Draper is two points away from victory.

Slice looks to be long from Draper, gets away with that but not the forehand that follows. He then frames a backhand next point, 30-30.

Ymer ace, Draper’s volley doesn’t clear the net... Ymer holds.

Draper to serve for it.

Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 4-6 5-2* Ymer

21:08 , Matt Verri

Huge noise from Centre Court, attempting to give Draper one final burst of energy after the disappointment of the previous game.

Draper has been passed a fair few times coming to the net, but the plan works this time as he delicately finds the angle.

Timely ace, 40-0, but Ymer not done yet in the game as another one of those forehands down the line comes out of nowhere.

There is the hold. One. Game. Away.

Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 4-6 *4-2 Ymer

21:05 , Matt Verri

Draper near enough shanks that forehand, but it lands perfectly on the baseline and we’re at break point again.

First serve from Ymer closer to taking out the first row in the royal box than landing in. Second serve is dumped into the net by Draper. Would be a massive boost for Ymer if he finds a way to hold here... and a body blow to Draper.

Ace down the T from Ymer, followed by an unforced error. On and on we go in this game.

Draper tries to make something happen, up to the net... sensational pass down the line from Ymer. The Swede is hanging on for dear life and it’s a hugely gutsy hold.

Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 4-6 4-1* Ymer

21:01 , Matt Verri

Too good from Ymer, Draper guesses correctly but the forehand lands perfectly on the line. Not this time, though, as he goes for an identical shot. Back to deuce.

Break point Draper - hanging tough in these long rallies. All the pressure on Ymer again.

But as he seems to do most times that is the case, the first serve turns up. Deuce once more.

Third time lucky for Draper? He’s jumping around on the baseline, trying to keep the energy and intensity up. Shoulders drop there as the ace whistles past him. Guess what?


Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 4-6 4-1* Ymer

20:58 , Matt Verri

Strange point. Drop shot from Draper doesn’t appear to be that great, but Ymer makes it better by suddenly deciding to stop using his feet. Lunges forward, flicks it back and Draper then misses the past with that half of the court empty.

Double fault again from Ymer, before Draper then jumps all over the second serve next point. 30-30.

Break point Draper! Wild from Ymer, Draper with the chance to serve for the match with a double break as a safety net.

Roar from Ymer as he saves that - he still believes. Deuce.

Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 4-6 4-1* Ymer

20:53 , Matt Verri

Draper almost takes out a ball boy with his latest ace - attempt to catch that one handed as it flew at him not the wisest I’ve ever seen.

Regardless, it’s 40-0 and Draper is powering his way through this final set.

Inches away from landing a stunning forehand around the post, lands just out and there’s no challenge.

Doesn’t matter, first serve doesn’t come back next point. Draper two games away.

Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 4-6 *3-1 Ymer

20:51 , Matt Verri

First hint of an opening in this fifth set. Draper dictating the point, Ymer eventually slaps a forehand low into the net. 0-30.

Great return from Draper, Ymer crouches low but can’t get it back. Fist pump from Draper to the crowd, met with a huge roar. Three break points!

DRAPER BREAKS! Double fault from Ymer, Draper with the crucial break.

Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 4-6 2-1* Ymer

20:46 , Matt Verri

0-15 is enough for the ‘come on Jack’ shots to return. Draper eases the nerves with a couple of much-needed first serves.

Ymer then nets his backhand return, and can only watch as the ace down the T bounces past him.

Racing through these games in the decider.

Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 4-6 *1-1 Ymer


No signs that Ymer is going anywhere.

Forehand continues to do plenty of damage, wearing Draper down in another long rally. Return from the Brit then flies out, 40-0 already.

More baseline exchanges, Draper with the first mistake as Ymer holds.

Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 4-6 1-0* Ymer

20:41 , Matt Verri

Loud in here now, with the roof closed. Crowd doing their bit to drag Draper over the line.

It’s a strong start to the decider, first serve out wide brings up an opening hold to love.

Now to get to work on the Ymer serve.

20:39 , Matt Verri

Three minute warm-up done.

Right then. A sprint to the finish in this first-round match, as the British number one looks to avoid falling at the first Wimbledon hurdle.

Winner of this match will likely fellow Cam Norrie next.

20:36 , Matt Verri

Players back on court, roof is shut and the lights are on.

Felt as though Draper was going to get this done in four sets. Now he hasn’t.... anyone’s match.

He’ll be serving first, that could prove important.

Roof shut on Centre Court

20:31 , Matt Verri

We’ll have a bit of a pause in play.

With it getting slightly dark over Wimbledon, the roof will be shut now to stop it happening mid-set.

Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 4-6 Ymer

20:28 , Matt Verri

Set point Ymer, who has not missed a shot from 0-40 down in this game. Talk about rising to the occasion.

And he takes it! Forehand whipped past Draper and we are going the distance on Centre Court.

Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 4-5* Ymer

20:26 , Matt Verri

Centre Court crowd firmly involved now, massive roar as the backhand from Draper clips the line. 0-15.

And Ymer has suddenly tightened up, double fault. 0-30... Draper has to take advantage.

Here. We. Go. Three break points, Ymer’s forehand misfires.

Emphatic response, first serve out wide and Draper can’t get anything on that. And another great serve, Draper gets to this one but return is out. 30-40.

Wow. Ridiculous serving from Ymer when he needed it most. Ace out wide again, deuce.

Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 4-5* Ymer


Section of Centre Court in hysterics at a ‘come on Andy’ shout. No comment.

Draper then goes to challenge a call, gets bluntly told that won’t be happening as he’s used them all up.

Double fault, 15-30. Dangerous moment for the Brit. Even more so now, two break points as Ymer makes the pass down the line.

TAKEN. Crosscourt this time, as Draper moves towards the net... gets nowhere near it.

Ymer will serve for the set.

Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 *4-4 Ymer

20:18 , Matt Verri

Two unforced errors from Draper as he tries to force the issue, very welcome for Ymer at this stage of the match.

The Swede then holds his nerve with the backhand down the line, ignoring a truly wild sneeze from someone a few seats to my left in his backswing. Could not have been made less of an effort to keep quiet.

As for matters on the court, Ymer holds. Level again.

Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 4-3* Ymer

20:14 , Matt Verri

Wild swing at the ball from Ymer, there haven’t been many comfortable holds in this set but this is shaping up to be one.

Ymer slaps the backhand into the net, Draper 40-0, and the unreturned serve brings up a rare brisk hold.

Draper two games away - break in the next game and he’ll be serving for the match.

Let’s not get carried away yet...

Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 *3-3 Ymer

20:12 , Matt Verri

Turkey have scored inside a minute against Austria at Euro 2024... we have celebrations to match. A couple of members of Ymer’s box respond to a big forehand winner, both arms outstretched and pumping the air.

Serious call from Draper here, stops the point and walks away after challenging, convinced that dropped from Ymer. It just caught the line - Ymer’s point.

Might not be his game, Draper takes it to deuce with a winner down the line. He’s less than impressed that he had to hit it, signalling to the umpire that the previous shot from Ymer was out.

It is Ymer’s game in the end. Draper goes for the drop shot - don’t want to call it awful but it bounced two feet before the net.

Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 3-2* Ymer

20:05 , Matt Verri

Ymer moves up to the net and looks to force the issue, but Draper is up to the task with the pass. Brilliant shot. 15-15.

15-15 swiftly becomes 30-30, Draper should win the point but the backhand is just long with that side of the court completely empty.

Ace out wide, ace down the T, hold.

Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 *2-2 Ymer

20:02 , Matt Verri

Double fault to kick things off from Ymer, just what he was thinking of at the changeover I’m sure.

They then exchanged unforced errors, chance here for Draper at 15-30, but Ymer is in control for the entirety of the point and eventually puts the forehand away.

Chalk puffs up as Ymer fires down an ace, and Draper then nets a routine backhand. Nothing to split them in the fourth set.

Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 2-1* Ymer

19:57 , Matt Verri

Draper’s forehands painting the line, Ymer considered stopping the point a couple of times to challenge. He doesn’t, Draper’s point.

Serve out wide, doesn’t come back and that’s a huuuuuge hold.

Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 *1-1 Ymer

19:56 , Matt Verri

Ymer lobs the ball up to test the Draper smash, and it’s good enough.

That’s even better from Ymer though, pounces on a shorthand and sends a flat winner down the line. 15-30 - neither looking confident on serve now.

Gasps, groans and whatever else you can think of as Draper sends a forehand miles long. Two break points for Ymer, messy start to this set.

Nothing wrong with his serve though, gets him out of trouble and to deuce, with the help of some lovely feel at the net.

Ymer with a succession of punishing forehands, Draper eventually worn down. Third break point to come.

First serve called out, Draper challenges... out it was. He’s then very fortunate to survive, as the forehand clips the net and lands just in. Back to deuce!

Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 *1-1 Ymer

19:51 , Matt Verri

“Yep” says Ymer as his ace just about clips the line. Keen to make sure everyone knew that was in.

And again, this time in response to Draper’s return sailing out. Ymer has started this set really well.

Good deep return from Draper forces a mistake, gets him back to 40-30, and it’s deuce as Ymer fails to make the pass.

Break point, Ymer blinks first in the rally. Chance for Draper to hit straight back.

Which he does! Backhand down the line is good. Challenge from Ymer doesn’t save him, it’s on serve again in the fourth.

Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 0-1* Ymer

19:45 , Matt Verri

Draper has the power to keep forcing Ymer back, problem has been when he’s gone for too much... particularly on the forehand side.

Cuts out that problem with an ace out wide, before somehow finding a way to lose the next point. Hammers a forehand into the corner of the court, has the chance to put away the volley, but Ymer pulls out a perfect lob. 40-30.

And Draper then mishits that one, furious with himself as we go to deuce.

Break point Ymer! Crosscourt pass just about clips the silence, near enough silence apart from the seven in Ymer’s box.

And that is an opening break. Well then - Ymer lands the first blow in the fourth set.

19:40 , Matt Verri

Ymer went off court after that set, but he has returned and we’re about to get up and running in the fourth.

Draper to serve first, as he looks to wrap up victory.

Draper 3-6 6-3 6-3 Ymer

19:35 , Matt Verri

Imagine Draper will step up the aggression in pursuit of the break to seal this set. Not that he’s particularly holding back as it is.

Great backhand down the line, Ymer’s slice barely reaches the net in response. 0-30. Draper two points away from the set.

Good hustle from the Brit to run down a drop shot, he flicks it back but Ymer is waiting to volley it into the empty court.

Superb return from Draper - set point! ‘Come on Jack’ levels now up several notches. Serve and forehand one-two rock solid from Ymer in reply, deuce.

Take two for Draper, dominates that rally. Again he’s frustrated, had it in his hands but forehand flies long

Set point number three coming up, Draper’s drop shot clipping the top of the net and skipping over.

TAKES IT. Huge roar too as he sends that return down the line, Ymer doesn’t bother moving. Draper two sets to one up.

Draper 3-6 6-3 5-3* Ymer

19:28 , Matt Verri

Draper looks to have come in too far to put away the volley, but he leaps and does the job, even if it does look fairly awkward. 30-0.

Much more natural this time, moves well and dispatches the volley at the net.

It’s a confident hold, and a really important one. Ymer serving to stay in the third set.

Draper 3-6 6-3 *4-3 Ymer

19:24 , Matt Verri

Draper will get another chance, nodding in encouragement to himself as Ymer nets the forehand.

And there’s the break! It’s not the greatest of returns from Draper, but Ymer’s unforced error is enough for the Brit to move back in front.

Draper 3-6 6-3 3-3* Ymer

19:23 , Matt Verri

Not sure if it’s a fan or just a Draper supporter he wants to annoy, but Ymer has found someone to stare at as he fist pumps after each point he wins at the opposite end to his box.

Couple of free points on serve, moe fist pumps, more shouts of ‘come on’. Not getting many back from the crowd.

Clean hitting from Draper, as he then moves to the net and this Ymer can’t make the pass.

And it’s deuce, as Draper again comes out on top in a bruising rally. This is a massive game.

Sliced return, Ymer has to generate all the power and it’s long. Break point for Draper.

Second serve to attack... straight into the net. Groans all over the shop. Deuce.

Draper 3-6 6-3 3-3* Ymer

19:17 , Matt Verri

Stunning pass from Ymer, and his slice is then good enough to force the mistake from Draper. 15-30 - bit of a chance here for the Swede.

And break point now, as Draper gets the short ball to put away but can only find the net with the backhand. Looks down at the court, got to have something to blame.

Too good! Brilliant from Ymer, another forehand pass down the line and he has broken.

Back on serve in the third.

Draper 3-6 6-3 *3-2 Ymer

19:13 , Matt Verri

Shot! Return winner from Draper, crunched down the line. Ymer responds with a big second serve though and the Brit can’t get that back in play. 30-15.

Serve is doing the damage at the moment for Ymer - shorter the points, the better.

Finds the first serve just when he needs it to hold. Still within touching distance of Draper in this third set.

Draper 3-6 6-3 3-1* Ymer

19:10 , Matt Verri

Not just all-out power from Draper. Moves to the net well and drops the volley over, Ymer never catching up with that.

That is all-out power, Draper chipping away at Ymer, but the Swede forces Draper out wide and then shows nice hands at the net himself. Centre Court approves. 30-30.

Draper does well to leave Ymer’s attempt at the pass down the line, flies long.

Perfect point from the Brit - drop shot, lob, hold.

Draper 3-6 6-3 *2-1 Ymer

19:05 , Matt Verri

Ymer goes to challenge after his forehand lands long, quick look up to his box persuades him that’s not a great idea.

Really good return from Draper, Ymer off balance and he can’t get it back in play. 30-30... double break would be nice.

Ymer serves his way out of trouble, though. He’s off the mark in the third set.

Draper 3-6 6-3 2-0* Ymer

19:02 , Matt Verri

Sensational pass from Draper, and he follows it with an ace. Marching through this game in the space of a minute.

Ymer delays things slightly, lovely return winner down the line to get to 40-15, but that return is long and Draper consolidates the break.

All far more comfortable than it was about 45 minutes ago.

Draper 3-6 6-3 *1-0 Ymer

18:59 , Matt Verri

Ymer to serve first at the start of the third.

Good depth from Draper, forces the mistake from Ymer and he has an opening straight away at 0-30.

Even more than that now, three break points. Draper with the chance to take charge in this match.

And he does! Double fault from Ymer, Draper breaks in the first game of the set.

Draper 3-6 6-3 Ymer

18:55 , Matt Verri

Confident start from Draper, who is now glowing on the far side of the court as the sun at last begins to shine at Wimbledon.

I take back the first part of that sentence. Double fault, 30-15. He then goes for too much with the forehand, long. 30-30. Ymer’s box are up.

That forehand juuuust about clips the line, Ymer challenges it. Mainly because he shanked his shot back.

It’s in, set point for Draper. And he takes it, as Ymer nets the backhand!

One set all on Centre Court.

Draper 3-6 *5-3 Ymer

18:51 , Matt Verri

Ymer just looking to extend this set, that’s all he can do for now.

He is on course to do so at 30-0, but follows a double fault with another unforced error.

Draper not far away from bringing up a set point, his forehand return is just long. Forces the error next point though... deuce.

And again, as Draper pegs Ymer back once more with the crosscourt winner.

Not to be for Draper, Ymer with an ace out wide to hold and keep himself in the set.

Draper 3-6 5-2* Ymer

18:44 , Matt Verri

We wondered earlier if Ymer could keep up his relentless level in those first ten games or so.

He’s still playing well, but certainly not as strong as he sends a tame second-serve return into the net.

And again. Draper hold, one game away from a level match.

Draper 3-6 *4-2 Ymer


Second serve from Ymer is jumped all over by Draper, clean forehand winner down the line.

Ymer quickly gets things back under control though, two timely first serves good enough as Draper fails to get either back.

The Swede not done in this set yet.

Draper 3-6 4-1* Ymer


Ymer threatening to break straight back. 0-30, loose couple of points from Draper.

Really loose, backhand is comfortably long and three break points for Ymer. Is he going to gift this straight back.

Draper saves the first of them, working Ymer around the court. And the second, first serve out wide does the trick. Two down, one to go.

Deuce! Draper moves forward nicely and puts away the volley. Grinding away.

Challenge from Ymer, 130mph serve out wide from Draper. It was... in.

HUGE hold. Draper 4-1 up in the second set.

Draper 3-6 *3-1 Ymer

18:32 , Matt Verri

Brilliant from Draper, net cord makes the volley even more awkward but it’s great hands to drop it back over the net. 0-30... huge couple of points coming up.

Three break points! Ymer somehow manages to catch the baseline twice, but he then sends the forehand into the net.

Double fault... Draper breaks!

Draper 3-6 2-1* Ymer

18:28 , Matt Verri

Draper’s best bet for now is to shorten the rallies.

Or just fire a 124mph ace out wide. Goes for a big second serve, with the safety of a 40-0 lead, and it pays off.

Routine hold, Draper really needed that.

Draper 3-6 *1-1 Ymer

18:27 , Matt Verri

It’s too good from Ymer at the moment. Finding the line on both sides of the court, forehand and backhand. Can he keep this up?

And again, this is relentless from Ymer. 40-0, we’re going to run out of chalk.

Forces the error from Draper, it’s a hold to love.

Draper 3-6 1-0* Ymer

18:23 , Matt Verri

Draper to serve first but it’s more of the same so far. The cannon that is Ymer’s forehand hitting through the Brit.

Loose slice from Draper, problems threatening to mount at 30-30.

That helps, big first serve gives him a free point and the hold is sealed with an ace. Roar from the crowd.

Draper 3-6 Ymer

18:19 , Matt Verri

122mph ace out wide from Ymer. Draper challenges with the look of a man who knows it was in... replays suggest it was a foot in. Not sure about that, ball looked to be on the line.

Anyway, three set points for Ymer.

He needs just one, as the Draper backhand misfires. Ymer takes it 6-3.

Draper 3-5* Ymer

18:17 , Matt Verri

The one-man Ymer fan club is on his feet as a forehand just about clips the line, Draper happy enough not to challenge it.

Ymer then jumps all over a second serve, launches the winner down the line. Break point, Centre Court try and rally Draper.

Nothing they or Draper can do there, another superb forehand from Ymer and he will serve for the set all of a sudden.

Draper *3-4 Ymer

18:13 , Matt Verri

One guy in Ymer’s box who is very much enjoying himself. On his feet every time the Swede hits a winner, or Draper hits it into the net. He’ll take anything.

He loves that challenge from Draper, which shows Ymer’s huge forehand did just about clip the line for 40-0.

Draper puts away a smash at the net, but not enough to get him back into the game. Great volley from Ymer to bring up the hold.

Draper 3-3* Ymer

18:10 , Matt Verri

Draper wrong-foots Ymer, winner behind him and it’s perfectly judged.

“AHH” is the shout next point though, goes for too much with the forehand and it flies long. 30-15.

No drama, as he moves to the net and watches Ymer on the stretch send the ball sailing towards the royal box. Level again.

Draper *2-3 Ymer

18:06 , Matt Verri

After those early breaks, it’s all become very comfortable on serve for these two.

Ymer’s serve and forehand doing the damage, as another winner down the line brings up a routine hold.

Draper 2-2* Ymer

18:04 , Matt Verri

Ymer loves a challenge. Draper’s forehand looked to have landed right on the baseline, and it did.

Doesn’t bother to challenge the next one, which is fired down the line. 30-0 in a hurry.

And that’s a hold to love, crowd already applauding a backhand crosscourt before Ymer has even given up on it

Draper *1-2 Ymer

18:00 , Matt Verri

Ymer with the whipped forehand winner, he’s settled into this match now after a shaky start.

Challenge from the Swede as his serve is called out - fact Draper has moved to the other side of the court suggests it wasn’t. Just about caught the line.

But Ymer slaps that into the net, 30-30 and Draper again interested on his serve.

Not now he isn’t, couple of big forehands later and it’s a hold for Ymer.

Draper 1-1* Ymer

17:56 , Matt Verri

No signs of nerves at all from Draper. Thunders down two huge first serves and it’s 30-0 as he looks to consolidate the early break.

He has a look at the baseline and Ymer’s forehand is very close to being long, still looking at it as the winner is put away. No challenge from Draper, though.

Massive forehand from Draper, perfect angle too. Full of confidence, 40-15.

Maybe too much confidence, out of nowhere he decides to hit it through his legs from the baseline and it’s long. Not sure why, do know he won’t do it again.

Especially now it’s deuce. And make that break point, loose backhand from Draper.

Broken! Ymer makes the pass and it’s levelled up. Mess of Draper’s making, really.

Draper *1-0 Ymer

17:50 , Matt Verri

Laughs around Centre Court as a bird flies through. Oh we do have fun.

Big hitting from Draper followed by a lovely drop shot, floats perfectly over the net. 15-30.

And it’s two break points now, forehand pass is good enough. Ymer under pressure already.

Takes the first! Some start from Draper, break in the opening game.

Henman backs Draper to shine

17:44 , Matt Verri

Tim Henman has tipped Jack Draper to become a Grand Slam champion in the near future and expects him to rapidly break into the world’s top 10.

Draper is seeded for a grand slam for the first time at Wimbledon having won his first ATP Tour title in Stuttgart.

And Henman said his meteoric rise won’t stop there.

“I see him breaking into the top 10 in the near future and I see him as a future grand slam champion with the progress that he’s making, if he keeps doing the right things and keeps that hunger and desire,” said the former British No1.

“He’s got such a great attitude to the game so he should be competing for the best titles but there’s no pressure on him. It can take time to move up from futures and challengers to the main tour, then quarter-finals, semi-finals, and final a title as he has got.

“Next he’ll want to win an ATP 500 event, then a 1,000 and then a Grand Slam and there will be bumps in the road so he needs to be patient.”

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

17:40 , Matt Verri

Here we go then, players are out.

It’s taken about two seconds of Draper being on the court before the first ‘come on Andy’ shout follows.

Heckler amused themselves, that’s the main thing.

Roof open on Centre

17:37 , Matt Verri

That would explain the slight delay.

The Centre Court roof has been shut all afternoon but they have decided to open that ahead of this final match.

The sun is out now - nothing the roof opening can’t fix. Expect rain.

Djokovic: Glad with how I played

17:35 , Matt Verri

That’s been pushed back five minutes or so, mainly because there is no sign of the players I’d imagine.

For now, enjoy some quotes from Novak Djokovic after his routine win.

"Obviously coming into Wimbledon for me this year was very different because of the knee,” Djokovic said.

“I'm just really glad with how I played and how I felt on the court. I didn't know how everything was going to unfold on the court. I'm extremely glad with the way I felt and the way I played today.

“Thank you all for coming out and supporting."


17:32 , Matt Verri

Players are due out at 5:31pm.

It is 5:32pm and there are no players. Standards are slipping.

Next up... Jack Draper!

17:20 , Matt Verri

The fun continues.

British number one Jack Draper is up next, after his match was moved to Centre Court following Andy Murray’s withdrawal this morning.

Full coverage of Draper vs Elias Ymer coming up very shortly.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Djokovic up and running!

17:17 , Matt Verri

Just a few weeks on from knee surgery, Novak Djokovic is back at Wimbledon and back winning!

It wasn’t even certain that he’d play at this tournament, but he has got himself fit and he’ll be eyeing nothing but an eighth Wimbledon title.

Game, set and match!

17:11 , Matt Verri

Kopriva 1-6 2-6 2-6 Djokovic

Absurdly good from Djokovic at the net, ball dropped at his feet but he stoops down low and just drops it back over.

120mph ace, 30-15. That’s his eighth of the match.

And that’s his ninth, two points match for Djokovic on Centre Court.

And there’s number ten! Three aces and that’s job done in straight sets for Djokovic. Ominous for the rest of the field.

Kopriva 1-6 2-6 2-5* Djokovic

17:08 , Matt Verri

Double fault from Kopriva takes him back to deuce. Pretty much every single one of his service games have been an almighty grind.

Break point Djokovic, as the forehand misfires.

Taken! Kopriva again goes for the winner, again can’t find it. Djokovic a game away... start the car.

Kopriva 1-6 2-6 *2-4 Djokovic

17:05 , Matt Verri

If Kopriva is broken here, Djokovic will serve for the match next game.

Fist pump to his box as he makes the backhand pass, he’s getting a fair bit practice as Djokovic keeps coming up to the net.

Net cord doesn’t help Kopriva out, makes it 30-30, but a poor slice from Djokovic eases the pressure slightly.

Kopriva goes for an all-or-nothing forehand down the line... it’s nothing. He challenges, but it was long. Deuce.

Kopriva 1-6 2-6 *2-4 Djokovic

17:00 , Matt Verri

Three more holds and Djokovic will be into the second round. Wouldn’t back against it being two and a break.

Kopriva not done yet, finds the baseline perfectly and then holds his nerve to put away the forehand. Still fighting.

Being forced to go for miracle shots, though. Serve and volley from Djokovic, Kopriva has a bit of a gap down the line with the pass but can’t make it. 30-15.

Oh Vit. Works the point so well, just needs to put away the smash but sends it long. Didn’t really need that, I’d say.

Djokovic holds, victory ever closer.

Kopriva 1-6 2-6 2-3* Djokovic

16:55 , Matt Verri

A fourth double fault not quite what Kopriva was looking for to start the game. But he follows it with a lovely winner, so we’ll call it quits.

Problems here, though. Djokovic whips a forehand crosscourt and that’s 15-40, two break points. These basically feel like match points, the way Djokovic is serving.

Wow... inches away! Serve out wide, Djokovic goes for an outrageous return around the post and it’s almost perfect. Wry smile.

He has his break. Kopriva’s forehand lets him down and Djokovic is closing in on the second round.

Kopriva 1-6 2-6 *2-2 Djokovic

16:51 , Matt Verri

Time for the latest installment of ‘how quickly can Novak Djokovic hold serve?’

Some jeopardy as Kopriva kisses the line with a backhand, and Djokovic then falls off balance as he sends a backhand long. 30-30.

That just kicks Djokovic into gear. Glorious drop shot, and then great depth once again to dominate the rally.

A hold... but potentially his toughest of the match? Yes, it’s a very low bar.

Kopriva 1-6 2-6 2-1* Djokovic

16:46 , Matt Verri

A rare long rally that Kopriva has come out on top in, as Djokovic’s slice floats just long.

And an ace out wide to follow is very welcome, Kopriva 40-15 up and already this could be as good as any set so far.

It is indeed, confident hold and Kopriva continues his strong start to this set. Fair play.

Kopriva 1-6 2-6 *1-1 Djokovic

16:42 , Matt Verri

Shot! Backhand pass from Kopriva, a stretching Djokovic can’t intercept and it’s 30-30. Says a lot about what’s happened so far that this feel like a real chance for Kopriva.

Nice serve and volley there from Djokovic, though. And he holds, not that you’d tell from the way he’s moaning at his box.

They look a bit bemused and so just clap. Always the best bet.

Kopriva 1-6 2-6 1-0* Djokovic

16:37 , Matt Verri

Right then, third set. Kopriva to serve first and try and do... anything.

Djokovic strolls forward and puts away the forehand, 30-30 and immediate problems for Kopriva.

That’s wide though, from Djokovic. And a look of disgust and some words to his box - not sure Ronnie O’Sullivan is to blame for that shot.

Perfect drop shot from Kopriva, an opening hold!

Kopriva 1-6 2-6 Djokovic

16:31 , Matt Verri

Djokovic trying to keep himself interested, leaps into the air to put the smash away for no other reason than he can. Big smile from Ronnie O’Sullivan in his box. 30-0.

Biggest roar of the match as Kopriva then wins a battle of drop shots and salutes the crowd. And plenty of ‘Come on Vit’ shouts follow.

But it’s two set points, as the wall that is Djokovic puts the volley away.

Double fault - fairly extreme lengths now to keep himself interested. 40-30.

But a first serve later and it’s a two-set lead.

Kopriva 1-6 2-5* Djokovic

16:26 , Matt Verri

Glad I declared the possibility of a routine hold.

It’s in fact another break, tame forehand into the net from Kopriva.

Djokovic will serve for the second set.

Kopriva 1-6 *2-4 Djokovic

16:24 , Matt Verri

Centre Court cheers as Kopriva sends a forehand past Djokovic. Only problem is it was out, which brings a swift halt to the applause.

Kopriva does make the forehand down the line next point, before a good challenge gets him to 40-15. Is this... a comfortable hold?

Hmmm, Djokovic just about does enough at the net, even if it isn’t hugely convincing.

And now a double fault. No, no it’s not a comfortable hold. Deuce.

Djokovic slaps his leg as he nets the forehand, happy to punish the one that isn’t strapped up. Stunning backhand gets him back to deuce.

Kopriva 1-6 *2-4 Djokovic

16:20 , Matt Verri

Kopriva hasn’t had a single break point yet.

One doesn’t feel particularly imminent, as Djokovic thunders down his latest ace. Backs it up with the serve and volley, Kopriva’s shanked effort on the stretch is fumbled in the crowd seven rows back. Terrible hands.

Anyway, Djokovic holds to love.

Kopriva 1-6 2-3* Djokovic

16:16 , Matt Verri

An hour gone in this match, and it feels as though Djokovic has been serving for about seven minutes of that.

He drops a superb return right at Kopriva’s feet, forcing the error. 0-30 - here we go again.

But Kopriva responds really well, helped by a couple of unexpected loose shots from Djokovic.

Ace out wide and Kopriva, against the odds, as held. Not quite out of this set yet.

Kopriva 1-6 *1-3 Djokovic

16:13 , Matt Verri

Very much at the stage where Centre Court would firmly get behind any signs of a comeback from Kopriva.

Instead it’s a few murmurs and a ripple of applause as Kopriva nets his return, 40-0 in no time at all.

Wicked slice from Djokovic takes a flick off the net and Kopriva can’t get it back in play. Hold to love.

Kopriva 1-6 1-2* Djokovic

16:09 , Matt Verri

Real trouble.

Djokovic grinds Kopriva down in a long rally and the error eventually comes. Break point.

But it’s Djokovic with the mistake this time, head thrown back in frustration. Deuce again.

He has a second chance, though, as he watches a Kopriva forehand land long. And this is one he takes - bruising rally, only one winner.

‘Come on’ is the shout from Djokovic, first real bit of emotion we’ve seen.

Kopriva 1-6 *1-1 Djokovic

16:05 , Matt Verri

Kopriva works Djokovic around the court, puts away the forehand. Some signs that he is starting to grow in confidence a bit.

That’s one of his best points of the match, too. Was on the back foot, but a huge forehand gets him back in control and Kopriva whips a forehand down the line. 30-15.

Deep return from Djokovic gets him to 40-30, and it’s deuce when Kopriva pulls a backhand wide.


Kopriva 1-6 *1-1 Djokovic

16:00 , Matt Verri

One of those long games is normally followed by Djokovic holding in about a minute.

Kopriva tries to ensure that isn’t the case, but his best bet is a hopeful challenge that ticks away a few seconds. Two aces, 30-0.

More like it from Kopriva, runs down the drop shot and flicks a forehand just inside the baseline. Applauded by Djokovic.

Only delays the inevitable, Djokovic holds.

Kopriva 1-6 1-0* Djokovic

15:57 , Matt Verri

Backhand into the net from Kopriva. ‘Advantage Djokovic’ the familiar declaration from the umpire.

Break point saved once more, as Djokovic goes for the big forehand crosscourt and just misses it. Back to deuce.

Loose slice from Djokovic, chance here for Kopriva to get up and running in the second set.

And he does! Poor Djokovic backhand and the Centre Court crowd cheer that hard-fought hold.

Kopriva 1-6 *0-0 Djokovic

15:52 , Matt Verri

Kopriva to get us underway in the second set. Big game for him having lost five in a row.

Danger that it gets worse, Djokovic has settled back into his work immediately. Great depth on the groundstrokes and Kopriva is constantly on the back-foot. 0-30.

Couple of good serves help Kopriva out. Djokovic challenges the second of them, but he’s already walked to the other side of the court by the time the screen shows it was in. 30-30.

Break point, though. Kopriva having to go for the lines and it’s bringing errors.

Saved! Big first serve at just the right time. Deuce.

Kopriva 1-6 Djokovic

15:47 , Matt Verri

Ace swiftly sets the tone from Djokovic, who is rattling along.

Kopriva goes for too much with the return and that’s 40-0. Three set points.

First set wrapped up in 34 minutes - Djokovic hasn’t taken long to get going.

Kopriva 1-5* Djokovic

15:45 , Matt Verri

Kopriva could do with holding here, to put it mildly.

Djokovic has other ideas, latest forehand winner makes it 0-30 and he’s sensing a double break.

Three break points - Djokovic has barely got out of first gear but he’s cruising towards this opening set.

One will do. Kopriva nets the backhand and I dare say that’s the first set pretty much done.

Kopriva *1-4 Djokovic

15:41 , Matt Verri

I’m going to predict this game doesn’t have six break points and deuce after deuce.

I win. Djokovic puts away the smash for 40-0, and an unforced error from Kopriva brings up a swift hold to love to consolidate that break.

Kopriva 1-3* Djokovic

15:38 , Matt Verri

We go again. Kopriva mishits the backhand and Djokovic has his latest opportunity to break.

Looooong rally and Djokovic makes the first mistake. Routine forehand sent long and we’re back to deuce for the 743rd time.

Lovely drop shot from Djokovic, Kopriva doesn’t move. Break point.

Taken! Djokovic slips but it doesn’t matter, as slices into the net. There is the break.

Kopriva *1-2 Djokovic

15:34 , Matt Verri

Shot. Forehand whipped down the line, Kopriva gives up on that early. Break point again for Djokovic.

Saved again, Kopriva works Djokovic around the court and then puts away the backhand.

Turning into a high quality match now, stunning backhand pass from Djokovic to bring up a third break point... which he fails to take once more.

Take four coming up, as Kopriva is pushed out wide and can’t get it back in play.

Deuce! Djokovic slice floats long, Kopriva hanging on.

Kopriva *1-2 Djokovic

15:29 , Matt Verri

Ronnie O’Sullivan among those in Djokovic’s box this afternoon. Applause from him after good work at the net from the seven-time champion.

And O’Sullivan is swiftly understanding what’s required of him - sits there motionless in response to a couple of Djokovic unforced errors. He’ll be invited back.

Kopriva misfires with the forehand down the line, deuce. Warning light is starting to flicker.

Lights and an alarm now. Break point Djokovic, Kopriva blinks first in an extended rally.

Saved! Brilliant drop shot from Kopriva, even Djokovic can’t run that down. Back to deuce.

Kopriva *1-2 Djokovic

15:22 , Matt Verri

Kopriva gets a couple of second serves to look at this time, but it hasn’t particularly helped.

Djokovic has made a really strong start on serve, and it’s an ace out wide to bring up another swift hold.

Kopriva 1-1* Djokovic

15:19 , Matt Verri

Unsurprisingly we actually get some rallies in this match.

Djokovic hasn’t really been made to move around the court yet, to test that right knee. It’s strapped up as expected.

Kopriva slaps a forehand into the net when he has the chance to bring up an opening hold, and he’s now under a bit more pressure after a double fault. 40-30.

He’s on the board, as Djokovic sends a forehand long. First tick for Kopriva.

Kopriva *0-1 Djokovic

15:14 , Matt Verri

Kopriva has barely seen a ball in the opening three points. Djokovic thundering down the first serves and it’s 40-0 in about 12 seconds.

And game in 15 seconds. Ace out wide and that is an utterly ruthless start.

15:13 , Matt Verri

Djokovic to serve first.

And he’s up and running with an ace. That’ll do.

Here we go!

15:08 , Matt Verri

Djokovic and Kopriva have strolled out onto Centre Court.

Fairly full already, not many in the crowd needed a break after that quick first match.

Weather update

15:04 , Matt Verri

It’s... fairly grey.

Centre Court roof is shut after the earlier drizzle, but play is ongoing on the outside courts with it dry for now.

Organisers taking no chances with the weather though, looks like the roof is staying shut.

Some start on Centre Court!

14:57 , Matt Verri

Not quite what those on Centre this afternoon were expecting to kick things off.

A pretty quick win... for the underdog.

We’ll have a bit of a break now, maybe 15 minutes or so, and then it will be over to Djokovic and Kopriva.

Full coverage of that coming up!

Time for Djokovic!

14:50 , Matt Verri

Well then.

Vondrousova is out, beaten in the first round in just 69 minutes, and it means Djokovic will be on Centre Court next.

He’ll be fairly keen to ensure we don’t get a second big shock of the afternoon.

Vondrousova on the brink...

14:42 , Matt Verri

A massive shock on Centre Court is potentially just a few points away.

Vondrousova lost the first set and she is now 5-2 down in the second. Defending champion in massive trouble.

Djokovic could be on Centre very shortly...

Kopriva faces ultimate test

14:33 , Matt Verri

Vit Kopriva is making just his second appearance in the main draw at a Grand Slam.

First of those came earlier this year at the Australian Open, when he was beaten in the opening round in five sets by Seb Korda.

Kopriva now gets his second chance on the big stage and it’s the biggest stage of them all - Novak Djokovic on Centre Court.

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