Rodney Eade 'stitched up' as offensive coaches box rant goes viral

Rodney Eade has reportedly said he’s been “stitched up” after audio of an expletive-laden, offensive rant was posted on social media on Tuesday.

Popular Facebook page ‘Nuffies on AFL Pages’ posted the audio, claiming it was Eade in the coaches box yelling at former player Will Minson.

In the full clip (WARNING: offensive language), someone can be heard delivering a fiery spray while shouting the name Will, which the Facebook page claims is Eade, referring to Minson.

Eade coached Minson at the Western Bulldogs from 2005-2011, and once said he was the “dumbest smart bloke” in the AFL.

Rodney Eade and Will Minson in 2011. (Photo by Hamish Blair/Getty Images)

“F*** you Will! F***ing run Will!” the voice screams, before someone else says: “Rocket Rocket Rocket, we can’t think, come on mate.”

“You f***ing big f***ing sp*stic,” the voice continues. “F***ing get him off! Get Minson off!”

‘It’s not me’

According to, Eade has denied the audio is him, saying it’s “too high pitched”.

“It’s not me, someone’s done an overlay,” Eade apparently said.

Rodney Eade as Gold Coast coach in2017. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

The audio was played on Triple M radio on Wednesday morning, with former Bulldog Luke Darcy treating it as though it was Eade.

“It does make you laugh because that was the era you grew up in,” Darcy said.

“If you (knew) Rocket, he got all that out and then he’d come down (to the field) and issue the instructions … he didn’t come down at quarter time and deliver that.”

Social media users were divides about whether or not the audio was of Eade.