'I do not agree with the refereeing today'

Andoni Iraola shouts instructions to the players from the touchline
[Getty Images]

Bournemouth boss Andoni Iraola to BBC MOTD: "I think Arsenal deserved to win today. I think they were better than us in the first-half, they pushed us a lot. We defended quite decently, we survived until the penalty incident but we were not happy with the performance. Second-half we were much better.

On the Arsenal penalty: "I think it's not a penalty. I think Kai Havertz is smart, tries to find the contact and gets the contact. Probably the VAR thinks that there is contact and it's not a penalty but it's not clear and obvious so they are not goign to overtur it. For me it was not a penalty."

On the disallowed goal: "This is much more clear for me. There are two calls, either he has to give the foul on Phillip Billing or he has to give the goal. In the end what you can not do is call the foul from Dom [Solanke].

"I don't understand because I was waiting for either the penalty or the foul."

"For me I repeat they deserved to beat us today, they have been better than us, but I don't think the game should have gone the way it has gone because at the end these are key moments.

"I do not agree with the refereeing today."