Kangaroos teammates scuffle in spiteful intraclub game

North Melbourne certainly appear to be fired up for the 2017 season, with multiple brawls breaking out during a chaotic intraclub game.

The Kangaroos squad split in half and took on each other at Arden Street on Friday afternoon, but coaches probably weren't expecting what transpired.

Lindsay Thomas and Luke McDonald kicked off the spiteful scenes when McDonald clipped Thomas over the head during a marking contest.

Andrew Swallow was in the thick of it. Image: Getty

Thomas angrily lashed out at the young defender and fired off a massive spray.

Former captain Andrew Swallow then sparked a massive mele later in the match when he took exception to being dumped on his head by Braydon Preuss.

Preuss, a former rugby player, put Swallow in a very dangerous position with a nasty-looking spear tackle that the veteran was not particularly happy about.

Preuss's spear tackle on Swallow. Image: Getty

He wrestled with Preuss and shoved him multiple times in the face as he got on top of him on the ground.

The pair had to be separated by teammates as tensions threatened to boil right over.

With Todd Goldstein, Majak Daw and Ben Brown all battling injuries, Preuss was probably looking to impress with game time up for grabs, which may explain the overzealous tackle.