Norman lauds 'powerful' impact of LIV on global golf

LIV Golf chief Greg Norman says there's no denying it.

"It's hard to imagine we're basically less than one and a half years into this thing," Norman said.

"And the impact that we've had on a global basis ... in such a short period of time has been extremely powerful."

Norman has returned for Australia's second LIV Golf tournament starting on Friday at The Grange in Adelaide's west.

And he returns triumphant about Adelaide's tournament which, he said, showed LIV just how great it can be.

"To be honest with you, this event here from last to this year is the benchmark for LIV," Norman said.

"We get all the other events, 13 events around the world, to take a look at what we've delivered here and what Adelaide has delivered and what the state government has delivered and what the local community and the region has delivered.

"And you go: It can be done. Here it is."

Norman's compatriot and LIV drawcard Cameron Smith agreed.

"The Australian fan is pretty hard to recreate around the world," Smith said.

"But you just pick a city or a country that hasn't seen good golf for a long time.

"I can see it definitely working internationally a lot better than the US because there's just so many tournaments in the US.

"I'm definitely putting my hand up for more of an international schedule and getting fans out that haven't seen quality golf for a while and showing them what LIV is all about."

Australia, via Adelaide, has been rapidly converted to LIV territory but other locations remain ripe, according to Marc Leishman.

"There's opportunities all around the world, markets that haven't been hit yet - like Adelaide hadn't been," the 40-year-old Australian said.

Smith, Leishman, Matt Jones and Lucas Herbert are LIV's all-Australian Ripper team.

LIV's Torque team features two Chileans, a Mexican and a Colombian; others are featured from South Africa; Great Britain.

"There's an opportunity for a tournament in Chile; the South African lads I'm sure would love to have one in South Africa; you have got all of Asia and India," Leishman said.

"There's just so many opportunities - and places, like Cam said, that haven't seen world-class golf for a long time. I think that's where there's huge opportunities."