Aussie runner channels Conor McGregor with victory strut

Australian runner Luke Matthews whipped out his best Conor McGregor impersonation as he anchored the home side to victory in the mixed medley relay.

The Aussies were victorious in the opening event on the third night of Nitro Athletics, with Matthews combining with Morgan Mitchell, Luke Stevens and Annaliese Rubie for the win.

After Matthews crossed the finish line first, he channeled UFC star McGregor's famous strut, puffing out his chest and swinging his arms as he walked away.

The strut was first made famous by WWE owner Vince McMahon, but enjoyed a resurgence in popularity when McGregor utilised it as he walked into the rng to fight Nick Diaz last year.

Who did it better? Image: Getty/Channel 7

It has since been impersonated by multiple sporting stars around the world.

McGregor actually wasn't the only star Matthews attempted to copy, adding some Cristiano Ronaldo to the end of his post-race celebration.

Ronaldo's famous celebration. Image: Getty

He also whipped out the 'Salt Bae' last Saturday night at the first Nitro meet.