Nick Kyrgios makes throwback boast about Bouchard sisters

Eugenie Bouchard and Nick Kyrgios' social media antics are again in the spotlight. Pictures: Instagram/geniebouchard/k1ngkyrg1os

Nick Kyrgios has posted a boast from Wimbledon in 2019 as a toast to Eugenie and Charlotte Bouchard, whom he hosted in his players box when he battled Rafael Nadal in the tournament’s second round.

The Bouchard sisters were guests of the 25-year-old Australian at last year’s tournament, with Kyrgios posting an image of the pair sitting behind his father to his Instagram story with the caption ‘swaggy as f*** box’.

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At the time, Eugenie posted a picture of Kyrgios serving to her own account, accompanied by three love heart emojis.

The Canadian tennis star defended Kyrgios during the match for delivering underarm serves to Nadal.

Nick Kyrgios posted a throwback to his Wimbledon 2019 box when Eugenie and Beatrice Bouchard cheered him on against Rafael Nadal. Picture: Instagram

“Underarm serves aren’t against the rules. It’s a tactic. Anything to win the point,” she tweeted.

“It has nothing to do with lack of respect. It’s literally just a different way to hit a serve.”

Kyrgios was later seen partying with Beatrice Bouchard - Eugenie’s twin - after he was eliminated from Wimbledon.

Other than exchanging comments on Instagram from time to time, it would appear that Kyrgios and the Bouchard sisters have little to do with each other outside of major tennis tournaments - largely because they live in completely different parts of the world.

Nick Kyrgios not looking to change coaching philosophy

Kyrgios believes tennis coaches are overpaid and that his career is “too far gone” for him to ever appoint another one anyway.

Kyrgios has spurned approaches from a raft of big names keen on helping the sport's most enigmatic talent fulfil his potential but says he's he too selfish and set in his ways to employ a full-time mentor.

“Personally, I think (hiring a coach) is a little bit of a waste of money 'cause I think they get paid way too much,” Kyrgios told his friend Elliot Loney during a candid 45-minute podcast.

“And, for me, I don't have a goal of winning grand slams. I just want to do it my way, have fun with it and just play.

“So to get a coach for me is pointless because I don't want to waste their time almost.

“I just don't think a coach is ready - and I'm not going to put them through it too 'cause it would just be a nightmare.

“Where I'm at my career now, it's just too far gone, I think for a coach, 'cause I'm too set in my ways and I just don't like to listen to advice, to be honest.”

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