Nick Kyrgios chides Daniel Andrews over 'ridiculous' comment

Nick Kyrgios criticised Victorian premier Daniel Andrews on Twitter over a heavy-handed comment during Sunday's press conference.
Nick Kyrgios thinks Daniel Andrews went a little over the top with his words urging people to stay home in Victoria on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Pictures: Getty Images

Nick Kyrgios has fired a shot at Victorian state premier Daniel Andrews over what he believed was an over-the-top comment during Sunday's press conference.

Victoria recorded 65 new cases in the 24 hours to 9am on Sunday morning, prompting the premier to urge Victorians to stay home, despite acknowledging the sunny conditions in much of the state.

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However some, including Kyrgios, took issue with what they considered to be excessively theatrical language from Mr Andrews in delivering that plea.

"Sunday I think is going to be quite a nice day — yep, at home. At home. Otherwise, it’ll be lots of Sundays spent in hospital," Mr Andrews said.

While Kyrgios, who has been a vocal supporter of the various health measures since the beginning of the pandemic, continued to support the lockdown, he felt the language was a little much.

"This is ridiculous now," Kyrgios posted on Twitter accompanying a video of the quote.

Plenty agreed with the firebrand tennis star, including well-known comedian Dave Hughes, who said it was a 'bit much Dan'.

The clip had initially been shared by former Australian track and field athlete David Culbert.

“A reminder of today’s public health advice. If you leave home = you will end up in hospital. Enjoy your Sunday. Cooked.” Culbert wrote.

Kyrgios was a vocal critic of the likes of Novak Djokovic and Alexander Zverev in 2020, after the pair were accused of irresponsible behaviour in light of the pandemic.

Zverev was criticised for partying in the French Riviera in June while the pandemic raged around the world, while Djokovic's infamous Adria Tour resulted in the world No.1 contracting the virus.

Kyrgios has given no indication otherwise that he has changed his mind on the necessity of coronavirus measures.

Andrew Bogut takes to Instagram for lockdown rant

Kyrgios wasn't the only outspoken Australian athlete to weigh in on the renewed wave of coronavirus infections in Australia.

Former NBA star Andrew Bogut took to his Instagram page to deliver an 11-minute diatribe on Saturday, in which he criticised fellow athletes and celebrities for not making better use of their massive platforms to hold governments to account.

Bogut's rant came on the same day more than 200 protesters were arrested in Melbourne during an anti-lockdown rally, while a smaller protest in Sydney was largely quelled by police.

The former Golden State Warriors center, who earned more than $110m (USD) in earning over his NBA career, acknowledged that he had it better than many doing it tough.

However, he argued this was all the more reason for people like himself to stand up for those who had lost work and incomes as a result of the pandemic.

Former NBA star Andrew Bogut uploaded an 11-minute long rant to Instagram over the weekend, decrying celebrities and athletes for not speaking up as NSW and Victoria went into lockdown. Pictures: Instagram/Getty Images
Former NBA star Andrew Bogut uploaded an 11-minute long rant to Instagram over the weekend, decrying celebrities and athletes for not speaking up as NSW and Victoria went into lockdown. Pictures: Instagram/Getty Images

While the federal government provided income support though Jobkeeper in 2020, they has thus far refused to reintroduce income support despite the entirety of NSW and Victoria being subject to lockdowns.

“But you athletes and you influencers that have all these sponsors and marketers behind you pushing promos to the plebs that buy your s**t, where’s your voice? Why aren’t any of you speaking up?" Bogut said.

“The very people that buy your f***ing deodorants and your moisturisers and your candles and your Nike shoes, whatever it is — the very people that buy that are the ones that are most affected by this s**t.

“Imagine being told you’re not essential to go to work and make money for your family.

“The people that are labourers and out in the public and in the workforce and out on the road all day, they’re deemed not essential? Nah, I’m not rolling.”

Bogut said he had been approached to appear in an advertisement encouraging people to stay home in 2020, but had refused because he considered it 'hypocritical' for sports stars and celebrities to be paid for that kind of work while so many others were hard done by.

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