US politician cops it for lost Super Bowl bet

You can always count on politicians for one goofy Super Bowl bet.

US politician cops it for lost Super Bowl bet

US politician cops it for lost Super Bowl bet

This year’s comes from Massachusetts representative Michael Capuano and Pennsylvania representative Bob Brady.

Brady, who 13 years ago lost a similar bet, made a friendly wager with Capuano on Sunday’s Super Bowl.

The loser had to wear the helmet of the winner’s home team around Capitol Hill.

And sure enough, after the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots in an epic game …

Yes, that’s Capuano during a congressional hearing in an Eagles helmet that looks a few sizes too large.

Connecticut congressman Jim Himes took a selfie to give us a better look:

Capuano took the loss in stride:

Brady had some fun at Capuano’s expense, though:

Thirteen years ago, it was Brady sporting a Patriots helmet around Washington. The last time the Eagles and Patriots met in the Super Bowl, Brady made the bet with then-Massachusetts congressman Marty Meehan. The Patriots won that time around, of course, and Brady paid up:

Brady lost the same bet in 2005. Pic: Getty

Thirteen years later, he had a different lawmaking opponent, but he was able to get his revenge.

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