Incredible trick play that helped Eagles win the Super Bowl

The Philadelphia Eagles stunned the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII with a trick play that has been described as 'one of the all-time greats'.

The stunning move which ended with a touchdown catch for Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, also marked the first time in NFL history a player has thrown and caught a touchdown in the Super Bowl.

DROUGHT BROKEN: Eagles shock Patriots to win first Super Bowl trophy

On fourth down with the ball two yards out from the Patriots goal line, Philadelphia made the courageous decision to go for it.

Just how they drew it up. Pic: Seven

In a move eerily similar to one the Patriots attempted just minutes before, Foles snuck out of the pocket before the snap, then run out to the right sideline with no defender following him.

Meanwhile, the Eagles snapped the ball and threw a lateral pass out to Trey Burton.

Eagles defensive coordinator Matt Patricia can't believe it. Pic: Seven

The whole Patriots defence then closed on the Eagles' tight end, who stunned everyone by passing out to Foles for his first career receiving touchdown.

"What a play call by (Eagles coach) Doug Peterson," Chris Collinsworth exclaimed in commentary.

"This play call has a chance to be remembered as one of the all-time greats."

Led by a stunning display from Foles, the Eagles outgunned the Patriots in an incredibly high-scoring game, winning 41-33.

Eagles kicker Jake Elliott gave his side a two-score margin with just over a minute left to play after nailing a 46 yard field goal.