Giants fan thrown off stand, tasered by police

An unruly Giants fan has copped a beating by police at an NFL game in San Francisco.

The fan was reportedly being belligerent in the stands and even abusing players of his own team, before the cops got involved.

While the officers attempted to restrain the angry fan in the stands, he resisted arrest, before he went tumbling over the front of the stand and onto the field.

The fan falls from the stands. Pic: Getty

The Giants fan landed heavily before an officer landed on top of him.

From there witnesses reported seeing the fan get tased by police.

This image appears to show the fan being tasered. Pic: Getty

"He kept cussing so they tried throwing him out of the stadium.

"He resisted and stayed in his seat. They tried to carry him out, but he was fighting back and heckling and even tried to spit on the officer,” a witness told