'Absolute disgrace': America erupts over 'disgusting' NFL moment

If you had Week 4 in the “Vontaze Burfict does something dirty to get ejected/fined/suspended” pool, you can claim your winnings.

Burfict, the former Cincinnati Bengals linebacker now with the Oakland Raiders, has a reputation as the dirtiest player in football.

So it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that in Sunday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts, he was ejected for hitting Colts tight end Jack Doyle in the helmet.

Doyle was getting up from the ground after a short catch when Burfict came in with a helmet-to-helmet hit.

He was given a 15-yard penalty and kicked out of the game.

Raiders coach Jon Gruden wasn’t happy with the officials for ejecting his player, but it was the type of hit the NFL wants to get out of the game.

Vontaze Burfict in action for the Oakland Raiders. (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

Dirtiest player in the NFL?

And it’s not like Burfict is a stranger to those types of hits.

It was blatant, and the type of headhunting move he has done before.

According to Spotrac, Burfict has more than US$4.2 million in career fines and has been suspended 10 games. The NFL won’t be pleased to see him with another violation of that type.

The Raiders went on for the rest of the game without Burfict in a 31-24 victory.

He’ll likely get fined, and given his history, a suspension could happen too.

Fans were up in arms over the hit, many labelling it ‘disgusting’ and ‘dirty’.

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