'No way': Tom Brady 'hole-in-one' sends social media into meltdown

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Pictured here, Tom Brady celebrates after allegedly holing out from a golfing fairway.
Tom Brady's supposed hole-in-one has sparked a wave of backlash from sceptical fans. Pic: Twitter

Tom Brady already has seven Super Bowl rings and is regarded as the greatest NFL player of all time.

As if that wasn't enough, the 44-year-old now also boasts a rare hole-in-one in golf. Or so he'd like fans to think.

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The problem is, Brady is having a hard time convincing the world, despite capturing the "once in a lifetime shot" on camera.

Brady shared a video that showed him holing out from a fairway tee on Wednesday morning.

Yet outside of Brady’s tweet, and the two links he shared below it trying to sell clothes from his Brady Brand line, there was no other context to the shot.

The opening sequence was real enough, with amateur footage capturing Brady striking the ball solidly off the tee, and voices in the background getting increasingly more excited as it approached the hole.

With the ball out of shot, the cheers reached a crescendo as Brady ran excitedly towards the person filming it and jumped up and down in celebration with his friends.

The next edit on the clip posted to social media was from a drone filming the incredible shot, with vision expertly following the ball as it bounced on the green and rolled into the hole.

It certainly looked cool, especially with the drone they flew right behind the shot, but something about it seemed a bit off.

Not everyone was convinced it was as real as Brady’s claiming, with many viewers sceptical of how the ball sped up when it hit the green, and the fact that the NFL legend probably would not have been able to see it go in from the tee - due to the slope of the green.

Tom Brady kicks off mind games ahead of The Match

Adding to the doubts around Brady's feat is the fact he's set to compete with Aaron Rodgers against rival NFL quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen in The Match next week - a high-profile golfing exhibition match being held in Las Vegas.

Despite the edits on the video that raise some red flags, Brady insists it was legitimate.

He told ESPN’s Tom VanHaaren that it was actually real, but he doesn’t count it as a hole-in-one because they just created a tee in the middle of the fairway.

Either way, real or fake, it’s clear these quarterbacks are ready for next week's 12-hole exhibition event in Las Vegas, The Match.

Pictured here, Tom Brady at The Big Pilot charity golf challenge at the Miami Beach Golf Club.
Tom Brady is seen here at The Big Pilot charity golf challenge at the Miami Beach Golf Club in 2022. Pic: Getty

Brady is clearly leading the way in the mind games stakes and says he expects plenty of “s**t talk” from all four players.

"I will come prepared like I always do to everything, and you know, it's different, golf s**t talk's a little different than pro football s**t talk," Brady said.

"Usually, pro football s**t talk is, you usually have to back that up. Josh really hasn't backed up much on the football field in his career, let's be honest, especially playing against me.

"I would just say it's going to look like what it's looked like for a long time against [Allen], and Patrick, although he's played a lot of great games, he didn't really win the important ones. He has won a few of the other ones, but not the really important ones."

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