Bobby Wagner flattens NFL pitch invader in wild act: 'Helped them out'

Linebacker Bobby Wagner (pictured top) prepares to tackle a pitch invader.
Linebacker Bobby Wagner (pictured top) flattened a pitch invader with a devastating shoulder charge. (Image: ESPN)

The Los Angeles Rams’ defence may have struggled to stop the San Francisco 49ers during Tuesday morning’s (AEST) NFL clash, but they did manage to stop a rogue pitch invader with a highlight-reel hit.

With 41 seconds left in the first half and the Rams preparing to punt, a spectator ran onto the field while holding a flare letting off pink smoke above his head.

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The fan managed to evade security as a trail of pink vapour spread across Levi’s Stadium.

As the spectator adventured close to the Rams’ sideline, linebacker Takkarist McKinley closed in on him, before fellow linebacker Bobby Wagner flattened him with a devastating shoulder charge.

Wagner’s hit was so powerful, it left a large divot on the field near the 40-yard line.

The fan was then removed from the field by security before the game recommenced.

It was reportedly the second time a pitch invader attempted to make their way onto the field with a pink smoke device, with the initial effort stopped in its tracks by security.

The ESPN broadcast of the game cut away from the incident, but it was shown on the ManningCast, with former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning praising Wagner as he shared hilarious commentary of the hit.

“That's what we're talking about,” Manning said.

“Wagner, a veteran. Right, get him down, now get out and let these guys take over.”

Bobby Wagner talks about streaker incident post-match

Speaking to reporters after the game, Wagner said he decided to do something about the pitch invader as a result of safety concerns.

“I just saw somebody running on the field and he looked like he wasn’t supposed to be on the field - I saw security was having a bit of a problem so I helped them out,” Wagner said.

“That’s just keeping it safe. We don’t know what that fan’s got or what they’re doing.

“We all know what they’re carrying in their pockets, and whatever that little smoke stuff is, that s**t can be dangerous.

“One of the guys on the other side looked like he got hurt and security looked like they were struggling - so I was frustrated and I took it out on the fan.

“I think security is doing the best they can and I just saw and opportunity to help them.”

Asked if he was concerned the fan might pull a weapon on him, Wagner said he felt safe given the fan was not expecting a player to intervene.

“Well, he didn’t see me coming, so he would’ve had to pull it out pretty quick.”

Ironically, Wagner’s Twitter bio currently reads ‘Tackle Everything In Life’ - a statement which he appears to have took literally against the 49ers.

Despite Wagner’s heroics in taking down the pitch invader, the Rams were outclassed 24-9 by the 49ers.

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