Arryn Siposs lights up NFL with 'outstanding' play before ugly injury

Arryn Siposs, pictured here injured after his epic scoop stunned NFL fans and commentators.
Arryn Siposs was injured after his epic scoop stunned NFL fans and commentators. Image: NFL

Australian NFL punter Arryn Siposs had to be carted from the field after pulling off ‘one of the most athletic plays you’ll see from a punter’ during the Philadelphia Eagles’ 48-22 victory over the New York Giants on Monday morning (AEDT). With the Eagles facing a 4th and 16 from their own 2-yard line, Siposs was called on to the punt the ball from deep within in own end zone.

Given little room to work with, the Australian hurried to get his kick off, only to see it blocked by Giants linebacker Elerson Smith. However, the Australian rules football instincts of Siposs, who played 28 AFL games for St Kilda, immediately kicked into gear.

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The 30-year-old was the first to track down the loose ball after the ricochet, scooping it up on the run with one hand, before advancing it upfield to the 16-yard-line, just shy of of the first down marker.

Fox Sports commentator Daryl Johnston was full of admiration for Siposs’ quick reaction and athleticism. “That’s a pretty heady play by the punter,” Johnston said.

“That’s very athletic to scoop that up. He had the potential to get towards the first down, but goes out short a couple yards. A very athletic play and almost an amazing conversion right there.”

Former Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee was among a host of NFL fans and pundits who were also quick to praise Siposs on social media. “What does the punter do? Saves the day!,” McAfee said in a video posted to Twitter. “Then gets demolished right before the first down.”

Arryn Siposs in ugly confrontation with Giants fans

Unfortunately for Siposs, the highlight reel play came at a cost. He collided heavily with a Giants player as he stepped out of bounds, causing his ankle to turn awkwardly. Many Eagles fans felt the hit that led to Siposs’ injury was late and warranted a penalty flag.

Siposs was eventually taken from the field on a medical cart, only to cop abuse from Giants fans on the way to the tunnel. The broadcast showed Siposs returning serve with some choice words as he appeared to yell “F**k you. F**k you, you piece of s**t” in the direction of the crowd.

Siposs did not return for the remainder of the game and was spotted on crutches and in a moon boot post game. The Australian will be determined to return from the injury setback as soon as possible, with the Eagles currently 12-1 on the season and poised for a run at the Super Bowl.

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