NFL star slams fans over criticism of photo with girlfriend

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Kerryon Johnson, pictured here with his girlfriend at the beach and in the NFL.
Kerryon Johnson copped some flak over the photo with his girlfriend on the beach. Image: Instagram/Getty

Detroit Lions running back Kerryon Johnson has hit back after criticism of how he’s spending his off-season.

The Lions Fan Report Twitter account recently took a shot at Johnson, suggesting he wasn’t as focused as rookie teammate D’Andre Swift.

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The fan page posted a photo of Swift working out with star quarterback Matthew Stafford, alongside another photo of Johnson and girlfriend Ashley Marie Kelsey hanging out at the beach.

“Someone’s coming for that starting RB job #lions #OnePride,” the fan account wrote, suggesting Johnson would lose his starting job to Swift if he wasn’t careful.

But that didn’t sit well with Johnson, who fired back and said he was putting in just as much off-season work.

“I assure you it’s scientifically possible to workout and NOT post about it … I’m with the ignorance tho if you wanna get started,” he wrote.

In response to another post, the 22-year-old Johnson said he’s certainly not rooting for his teammate to fail so he can keep the starting job.

“Like imma want him to fail so i can succeed? Lmao that’s not how it works,” he said.

“They just don’t understand.”

NFL teams can reopen facilities with government OK

Meanwhile, a limited number of NFL teams are reopening their training facilities, while many are prohibited by government restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic.

Commissioner Roger Goodell gave the 32 clubs the go-ahead for limited reopenings as long as state and local municipalities allow them.

Coaching staffs and all players except those undergoing injury rehabilitation are barred from the facilities in the first phase of the league's plan.

With such states as California, New York, New Jersey, Washington, Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts and Virginia still under heavy restrictions, that immediately leaves 12 franchises unable to use their facilities.

The Raiders, headed for Las Vegas for the upcoming season, still have their training complex in Alameda, California.

The Packers, Ravens, Dolphins, Vikings, Titans, Buccaneers, Browns, Panthers, Saints, Eagles and Packers have chosen not to reopen Tuesday.

Cincinnati expects to reopen on Wednesday. Jacksonville has set May 26 for its reopening, and Denver also is targeting next week.

Among the teams taking advantage of using their buildings on the first day they are allowed are the Cowboys, Falcons, Texans, Cardinals, Chiefs and Colts.

“We’ve spent the entire quarantine period preparing to reopen,” the Colts said in a statement.

“But it will be very gradual and deliberate. And of course we’re taking steps to make sure we’re in compliance with state and local regulations, and NFL and CDC guidelines.”

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