Swim stars guilty of drug-fuelled bender to be named and shamed

7News, Jim Wilson Updated February 21, 2013, 6:00 pm

Some of Australia's best swimmers will on Friday be named and shamed for a drug-fuelled bender just days before the London Olympics.

World champions Eamon Sullivan, James Magnussen, James Roberts, Matt Targett, Cameron McEvoy and Tomasso D'Orsagna will tomorrow confess to abusing a potentially deadly cocktail of narcotics and stimulants.

Seven News is reporting the swimmers took excessive amounts of the insomnia drug Stilnox along with stimulants Red Bull and Coca Cola during a bonding session in Manchester.

The six then went on a late-night rampage through the team hotel, smashing down the doors of teammates.

The cocktail of narcotic and stimulant can be deadly.

Dr John Darcy explains: "They call the effect the Heath Ledger effect. It's a complex mixture of chemicals in the brain that gives a fake high."

Team management were reportedly told of the incident but did not take any immediate action.

Tomorrow's announcement will cause widespread damage to the sport and individuals involved. Seven News understands a number of sponsors have already pulled the pin on lucrative endorsements on the swim stars.

The revelations come just days after a report exposed the "toxic" culture of Australia's swim team in London.

The Bluestone Review lifted the lid on athletes abusing prescription drugs, alcohol and curfews during Games.

Australia won just one gold medal in the pool in London, their worst Olympic performance in 20 years.

Swimming Australia have scheduled a press conference for 1.30pm AEDT tomorrow in Sydney.

Meanwhile, Former Australian Rugby Union chairman Peter McGrath will head a Swimming Australia integrity panel that will look to discipline athletes, coaches and staff in the wake of the damning findings in the report.

Swimming Australia president Barclay Nettlefold encouraged those approached by the panel to be forthcoming with information.

In regards to the 4x100m relay team, it seems that might have already happened.

"We will be decisive, we will be firm and we will discipline athletes, coaches and staff accordingly, where such action is deemed appropriate and necessary," Nettlefold said.

"We want to stop talking about rumour and act on the facts of what did or did not actually occur."

One person under the spotlight is national swim team head coach Leigh Nugent, who oversaw Australian swimming's poor effort.

McGrath will be accompanied on the panel by Swimming Australia board members Peter Lozan, Chloe Flutter and interim chief executive Jeremy Turner.

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  1. 07:57am Saturday 23rd February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    another thing rooster you #$%$head why dont you put your post up were everyone can read it or are you just too gutless

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  2. 07:56am Saturday 23rd February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    hey rooster why dont you name one country where incest does not happen smart a.r.s.e

  3. Janice peta04:42pm Friday 22nd February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    I find all of this EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING, and I certainly don't think that their actions should be downplayed. I cant believe that they actually thought that they could get away with the irresponsible antics, there was a comment (unquote) "boys will be boys" of course we all like to let loose responsibly at times, no big deal, BUT they were over there representing Australia, competing against other countries, they werent over there on a bloody holiday.

  4. 03:01pm Friday 22nd February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    areel is like a rancid bloated week old dead dog covered in maggots, laying in the street of some backward incestuous country.

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  5. Stoffel02:12pm Friday 22nd February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    I am amazed that this story is given ,"The Time of Day"? Who gives a Toss about what these swimmers did 8 months ago???? lol When we have been given a Huge ,"Heads Up TO Avoid Australia becoming a Islamic State"!!! By being Warned by the Dutch Govt!!! It seems all the Countries that are in Danger of losing their freedom of speech and culture are run by a Labor Government...Straight into the Sewer:(

  6. robert01:56pm Friday 22nd February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Derek: Just reminising mate,don't mind us old soldiers,we remember when people were responsible for their actions,and had a bit of respect for their country.Have a good one mate.

  7. Darryl01:39pm Friday 22nd February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Yahcrew, life is far too short to hold grudges and be angry over years gone by. All is forgiven and my apologies for not realising your comments were tongue in cheek. Have a good one and when next we do battle we will understand each other a little more.

  8. robert01:29pm Friday 22nd February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Darryl: With you all the way,i knew you were a baby boomer,i served with 9 RAR in Vietnam, and yes i was a recipient of the shi**y reception we recieved in Adelaide on RTA in 1969.The moral decline of our youth,and the lack of moral fibre are a sad reflection of todays society.Chanpion boozers and druggies,no dicipline and no respect for anything or anyone,not even themselves !!!!! glad i won't be here when they produce offspring.

  9. Areel09:08am Friday 22nd February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Weather patterns here at home are a wonderful combination of fresh pollution free rain followed by safe and friendly sunshine. Post July 1st 2012 has seen an outburst of purity and good feeling amongst Australia and its people. Even arid desert land has spring to life as overall temperatures begin to fall whilst our ozone friendly sun gently warms the hearts and minds of every soul ! I love life and I love my team Labor !!! Kindest regards Areel

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  10. Areel08:59am Friday 22nd February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    My beautiful and courageous leader Ms Gillard will sort out this debacle. What an incredible move to initiate a Government inquiry into drugs in sport. She has cleaned our atmosphere , now she turning her attention to cleaning up the common junkie in Australian sport. Not only does she care for the environment but individual as as well. The end result will be a nation of purity and its people as happy and as healthy as can be. What a woman !!!! Kindest regards Areel

    1 Reply