Newell 'only candidate' for player of the year?

Your Views

We asked you who think has been Hibs' player of the year, despite the team's disappointing season.

Here's what some of you had to say:

Kris: To say this season has been a embarrassment is a understatement, but there are three players who I feel deserve player of the year: Elie Youan has to be up there for the numbers he’s produced this season. Joe Newell has been excellent, and the fan favourite Jordan Obita, who I think is good but not as good as been made out to be.

Hamish: Definitely Myziane Maolida. Such an impact for a first season and stats certainly don't lie. Really hope we can keep him for next season. Truly one of the shining lights in a pretty dark and dreary season.

George: Obita. Only player to perform week in, week out, with only the very occasional wobble. Chris Cadden runs him close, but Obita played more games, so Cads just misses out. Maolida - flits in and out of games, not for me. Emiliano Marcondes: silky, but like Cads, not played enough. The rest: forget it, lads.

Alan: Newell the only candidate for me.

John: Very few have been consistently good to even get a mention. Maolida and Cadden have been excellent. Newell our best in midfielder, though probably suffered from too many changes in personnel.

Kenny: The player that’s stood out all season has been Newell. He has been hard working and has tried to keep driving the team on. Best for me.