New video of Greg Norman's stunning show of strength

Aussie golfing legend Greg Norman continues to defy age after posting another video of his incredible strength on social media.

The Great White Shark may spend more time designing golf courses than trying to tame them nowadays but you wouldn't know it judging by his imposing physique.

In the latest video posted to Norman's Instagram account, the 62-year-old shows off his awesome workout regime with a stunning display of power.

With his toes perched on an office desk and his hands pressed on the floor below, Norman pulls off at least 15 push-ups in the unorthodox position.

Norman's incredible push-up routine. Pic: Instagram

Norman raised eyebrows earlier in the year with a risque post showing him baring all on social media.

In a series of photos from his adventures through the Colorado wilderness, the golfing great proved that as well as possessing a ripped body, he has a penchant for going 'the full monty.'

Wow. Image: Instagram

"Not too many options here at 11,850 ft in the Colorado Flat Top Wilderness after 2 days in the saddle!!!!" he wrote.

He also posted a number of pics horseback, looking rather imposing.

Image: Instagram

"I have a therapist. Her name is nature," he captioned one pic.

The golfing legend continues to impress his many followers with his insane body.

He recently showed off his immense core strength with the following rehab workout after injuring his foot.

Fans first noticed how ripped he was last year at the OHL Classic in Mexico.

Norman is one of Australia's most successful golfers with 88 career titles, including the 1986 and 1993 British Open crowns.