NBA superstar LeBron James' suit stuns social media

LeBron James dragged his Cleveland Cavaliers team past the Boston Celtics and into the 2018 NBA Finals, so he’s going to wear whatever he wants to Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

Apparently, that decision was shorts. Watch the video above for evidence.

The Cavaliers’ star made waves as soon as he stepped off the team bus.

LeBron James arrives to Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

Twitter reacts to LeBron James showing off his calves

Naturally, Twitter users rushed to judgement and jokes once James’ wardrobe decision went public. Here are the best we could find:

LeBron James arrived at Game 1 of the NBA Finals with about 50 percent of his usual pants. (@Cavs/Twitter)

The Warriors’ response to LeBron’s shorts

Not to be outdone, Draymond Green made sure the Warriors had a contestant in the ridiculous outfit department by showing up with some multi-colored (full-sized) pants, while Nick Young wore, well …

At some point, we have been told a basketball game is expected to start today.