NBA star tests positive to coronavirus after stunt mocking pandemic backfires

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The NBA has been rocked by a day of mayhem, with league officials forced to suspend the season moments after Utah’s match against Oklahoma was called off seconds before tip-off.

The Utah Jazz-Oklahoma City game was all set to get started on Wednesday night at the Chesapeake Energy Arena.

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Then, suddenly, the game was postponed and players were pulled from the court.

Just seconds before the game was set to begin, officials called players off the floor and sent them to their respective benches while officials and both coach Billy Donovan and Quinn Snyder conferred in front of the scorer’s table.

Shortly after, both teams and the officials left the floor completely.

Confusion was rife within the stadium as viewers were unaware whether the match would go ahead for a considerable time after the delay.

While both teams were in the locker rooms, the Thunder proceeded to run the halftime performance and throw out shirts to fans inside the arena.

Officials then announced that the game would be postponed to a later date without specifying a reason, and that everyone needs to leave the arena. The arena announcer assured fans multiple times that there was no emergency.

Conspiracy theories quickly began emerging on social media that Rudy Gobert may have been the cause of the chaos.

The Jazz centre was ruled out before the match with illness, days after attempting to make light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Claiming the situation had been blown out of proportion, Gobert proceeded to touch every microphone during a post-game press conference.

NBA fans are now convinced Gobert is reason officials were forced to postpone Utah's latest match.

Remarkably, reports emerged shortly after the game was called off that backed up fans' theories on social media.

The Athletic's Shams Charania tweeted that Gobert had in fact tested positive for coronavirus.

In an even more dramatic twist, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported shortly afterwards that the NBA season had been suspended in the wake of the news.

The NBA appeared to back up the news in a social media post of their own to announce the season’s suspension.

It’s not immediately clear when the NBA season is likely to resume or what effect the suspension will have on the playoffs.

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