'Killing it': How NBA impressionist turned hoops comedy into big business

Maxim Perandize does a mean LeBron James impersonation. Pic: Instagram.

By Adam Treacy

Comedy usually involves a microphone, a TV show or a Netflix special but for Maxim Perandize all he needs is a basketball and a camera.

Better known by his social media handle, ‘@maxisnicee’ has perfected the art of ‘hoops comedy’ and when it comes to impersonating NBA stars like Lebron James, the Russian-born Los Angeles local is a master.

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Max has a unique ability to notice the intricate (and sometimes strange) things basketballers do on the court and turns them into hilarious clips that consistently go viral on social media.

He believes this ability stems from being a ‘hooper’ his whole life, so he notices everything that happens on a basketball court.

The videos began as a random idea for some fun whilst Max was nursing an MCL injury during his days as a college basketballer. With a video of Lamelo Ball being one of his first to go viral.

Since then many of his videos have gone viral and Max has catapulted into stardom both on social media and within the NBA community.

The simple touch of wrapping a headband around his chin to impersonate Lebron James shows his attention to detail.

At just 21, he has turned his hobby into a successful career and has caught the eye of some NBA legends, even striking up friendships with Los Angeles Lakers stars and getting the reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo to wear his merchandise.

NBA impersonator lands gig on Dwayne Wade’s show

Max believes the secret to becoming a successful influencer is being consistent.

“Consistency is the key and don’t pay any attention to the haters,” Max says, emphasising that it is important to understand what your audience wants and to stick to that formula.

That formula has given him an opportunity to be on NBA legend Dwayne Wade’s show doing impressions. Max stated, “you can catch me killing it every Tuesday on NBA TNT”.

He ascribes a lot of his recent success to his manager Josh Millan who has helped him become a household name within the sports media world.

Max also stated “People think it’s easy and that they could do what I’m doing, they don’t realise how much time and effort we put into our shoots”.

He added that he plays pickup games of basketball in character just so he can master a player’s mannerisms.

Now more than ever we need accounts like @maxisnicee to fill the void of having no sport and he has been delivering consistently by posting new videos every day that never fail to entertain.

If you are an NBA fan or just a sports fan you will definitely get a kick out of his content!

You can follow @maxisnicee on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and if you’re interested in his merch you can find it at his website maxisnicee.com.