Commentator's disturbing comments on Baynes in the shower

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He said what?

Fans sitting at home watching Monday's NBA exhibition between the Charlotte Hornets and the Boston Celtics were gifted a bizarre analysis of Aron Baynes by iconic Celtics announcer Tommy Heinsohn.

Heinsohn openly admitted to watching the Australian in the shower.

“I took a look at Baynes in the shower," Heinsohn said.

"He looks like all of Australia. He is really put together.”


The 2017-18 NBA season is off to a strange start.

The strange comment led to some startled reactions from punters on social media.

Meanwhile, Baynes is relishing the task of helping NBA stars Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward do their thing at Boston.

Boomers centre Baynes has joined the All-Star duo as new recruits at the Celtics.

Despite losing star guard Isaiah Thomas to Cleveland, Eastern Conference finalists Boston will provide Baynes with a strong chance for his second championship.

He won a ring in 2014 with San Antonio before spending the last two years at Detroit.

Irving's championship credentials are proven after he starred alongside NBA superstar LeBron James for the Cavaliers in recent years, winning the 2016 title.

Hayward is rated one of the league's best forwards, averaging almost 22 points last season with Utah.

Despite being best known as a strong rebounder and rim protector, Baynes expects to also play a role in Boston's attack.

"We have such great playmakers. I want to go out there and try and make it easier for them," Baynes told Celtics media.

"Setting screens, giving them space, whatever it is at that point, I'm trying to do that.

"Over the last couple of days, we've seen how fun it can be when they do get that opportunity.

"Defensively is where I build myself from, but I'll do whatever I can on offence to help these guys as well."

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