'F**king here': LeBron James gets fan ejected after heated argument

LeBron James (pictured left) pointing at a fan that got ejected (pictured right) at the Pacers v Lakers game.
LeBron James (pictured left) got a fan ejected (pictured right) at the Pacers v Lakers game after an argument court side. (Images: NBA)

LeBron James was at his devastating best to help the Lakers sink the Indiana Pacers, but it was a moment with a fan that had fans confused.

James, returning from a suspension after his altercation with Isaiah Stewart, stopped the LA Lakers' run of losses after helping his team come from a double-digit deficit.

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WOW: LeBron and Stewart suspended over bloody NBA melee

The Lakers star scored 39 points, six assists and five rebounds in the thrilling match in Indianapolis.

However, James stopped the game in overtime due to what appeared to be some overzealous fans court side.

James caught the attention of the referee and could be heard saying "right f**king here", as he pointed to the young fan.

Security then asked the fan to leave.

However, before she left, the fan could be seen making a 'crying face' towards the court.

Fans were left speculating about the argument, but James was clearly not happy with what the fan had said.

LeBron James cops suspension

The NBA announced on Monday that James had been suspended for one game without pay, while Stewart was banned for two games without pay.

James missed Tuesday's nationally televised game against the New York Knicks, while Stewart missed Tuesday's home game against the Miami Heat and will miss Wednesday's game at the Milwaukee Bucks.

James and Stewart were both ejected after a wild melee early in the second half of the Lakers' 121-116 victory in Detroit.

Stewart suffered a large cut near his right eye after getting hit in the face by James while battling for position on a free throw during the third quarter.

Stewart was left with a big gash on his face with blood pouring out of it as he angrily tried to get to James for revenge.

It took a number of players and officials to restrain Stewart as the incensed centre repeatedly tried to approach James on the court.

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