'Totally embarrassed': Fans booted from SCG after alleged abuse

Chris Young
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Indian bowler Mohammed Siraj was abused by fans at the SCG for the second day in a row, prompting police to remove six men from the crowd; Pictures: Getty Images
Indian bowler Mohammed Siraj was abused by fans at the SCG for the second day in a row, prompting police to remove six men from the crowd; Pictures: Getty Images

Six spectators have been escorted from the SCG and play was stopped for nearly 10 minutes after Indian bowler Mohammed Siraj complained of another instance of abuse from fans.

Police escorted six spectators from their seats after play was stopped by Siraj, who was reportedly subject to racist taunts during Saturday’s play as well, alongside fellow paceman Jasprit Bumrah.

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The Sydney Morning Herald has reported the men are being interviewed by police at the ground.

An Indian spectator seated near the group told the publication there was a bit of sledging of the player in the outfield.

“First it was Bumrah, then they had a sledge against Siraj,” the spectator said.

“They kept calling him Shiraz and all that crap. Next thing you know they said, ‘Welcome to Sydney, Siraj’, and then he got the s***s.

“That was literally it. Then he walked off.”

The ejection of the group sparked a wave of condemnation on social media, and followed a strong statement from Cricket Australia on Sunday morning condemning any form of racism during games.

"Cricket Australia condemns in the strongest terms possible all discriminatory behaviour," said Sean Carroll, Cricket Australia’s Head of Integrity and Security.

“If you engage in racist abuse, you are not welcome in Australian cricket.

"CA is awaiting the outcome of the International Cricket Council’s investigation into the matter reported at the SCG on Saturday.

“Once those responsible are identified, CA will take the strongest measures possible under our Anti-Harassment Code, including lengthy bans, further sanctions and referral to NSW Police.

"As series hosts, we unreservedly apologise to our friends in the Indian cricket team and assure them we will prosecute the matter to its fullest extent."

Test greats call for life bans over racist taunts

Mike Hussey has called for life bans for fans who hurled racist abuse at Indian players during the third Test at the SCG on Saturday.

Discussing the incident while commentating day four on Fox Sports, former Test star Hussey said the harshest possible penalty should be applied to those responsible for the racist taunts.

“It’s terrible behaviour and I can’t believe it’s still happening in this day and age,” Hussey said.

“They should be banned for life from coming to the cricket.

“The Indians have come here to our shores to entertain us, play some great cricket, we should be so grateful that we can watch some live sport.

“To treat the players like that is unacceptable.”

Fellow former Test great Shane Warne agreed, calling for those responsible to be quickly brought to justice.

“Disgraceful to be honest, absolutely disgraceful,” Warne said.

“Should never happen, especially with what’s happened in the last 12 months or so with everything else around the world.

“Let’s hope they come down heavy and find the culprits.”

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