Nathan Lyon's tribute to wife Emma as Aussie cricket hero re-lives Ashes heartbreak

The champion spinner has opened up on the devastation of the cruel moment.

Nathan Lyon has paid a heartfelt tribute to wife Emma and revealed the role she played in helping him overcome the devastation of his injury in last year's Ashes series. Lyon played a starring role with bat and ball as Australia won the first two Test matches, but tore his calf in the second match at Lord's and missed the remainder of the series.

Australia hung on for 2-2 series draw to retain the urn, but Lyon's absence was clear to see as the tourists struggled as the series went on. The emotion of the heartbreaking moment was captured in the Prime Video documentary 'The Test - Season Three', which airs on Friday.

Nathan Lyon and wife Emma.
Nathan Lyon has lauded praise on wife Emma for her immense support. Image: Getty

In the documentary, Lyon can be seen bawling his eyes out while sitting in the change rooms after doing his calf and needing assistance to get off the field. Speaking to AAP this week, the veteran spinner said he sat down with his wife Emma a few weeks ago to specifically watch that part of the doco.

"I've already ripped the bandaid off with watching that one," he said. "There was a lot of emotion around it. The vision might give you a little insight into what it means to me to play cricket for Australia."

Nathan Lyon and Ricky Ponting during the Ashes in 2023.
Nathan Lyon speaks to Ricky Ponting after suffering his calf injury in the Ashes. Image: Getty


Lyon initially feared his glittering career was over, but he managed to get back on the field in the Aussie summer last season. After spending almost four months on the sidelines, the 36-year-old made a seamless return to the Test team.

And he's got no plans to retire anytime soon, re-iterating a desire to play in the next Ashes series on UK soil in 2027. Lyon will be 39 at that time, but he's determined to get back to England and win an Ashes series in enemy territory.

"It's a massive goal for me to work my backside off to ensure that my skill set is up to standard and I'm still getting better, and that I'm able to look after myself and make sure we're back here in England in 2027," he said. "I feel like I've been able to go through that (injury) journey, and mentally I feel extremely confident in my body now.

"I've done an incredible amount of work at home with the medical staff, and also my personal trainer Tom Carter as well. He's been an incredible sounding board for me."

Nathan Lyon and wife Emma, pictured here at the 2024 Cricket Australia Awards.
Nathan Lyon and wife Emma at the 2024 Cricket Australia Awards. Image: Getty

Lyon revealed the immense support Emma has shown him throughout his journey, lifting the lid on the positive attitude that snapped him out of his misery when he first did the calf injury. "It was me sitting in my hotel room and Emma my wife just told me to snap out of it - it's happened, let's start the rehab journey to ensure we can get back bigger and better," Lyon said.

"A lot of praise needs to go to Em. She's everything. She's my best mate, she's the love of my life. Her support is second to none."

Lyon also has no doubt Australia would have won the Ashes 4-0 if he hadn't been cut down by injury. "I honestly believe I was the difference in the two teams, and my skill set," Lyon said. "So yes, I do believe we would have won."

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