NFL monster brutally takes down 'fan' who punched him in the face

Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett has hilariously trolled a 'fan' who punched him in the face after pretending to want a photo.

Garrett posted on his Twitter account that the person "hopped" out of his car before jumping the 6-foot-4 beast.

While Garrett was driving through downtown Cleveland on Wednesday afternoon, he said a man recognised him and got out of his car in traffic to take a photo with the player.

Cleveland star Myles Garrett says he was punched by a man while sitting in his car. Pic: Getty

The 23-year-old star rolled down the window of his car and obliged, before being clocked by the cowardly offender.

However, the blow seemed to have little effect on the 122kg weapon, who turned the tables on his assailant with a brutally funny social media post.

“Hm, put your legs into it might have actually made me flinch,” Garrett, who refused medical treatment at the scene, wrote on Twitter.

Police identify man in question

Garrett gave the man’s license plate number, which also was on a video posted by another driver, to police.

Police identified the 24-year-old man through his license plate, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and Garrett identified the man after seeing his photo.

Police have not filed charges against the man yet.

Fans of Garrett's had a field day about the incident on social media, with the star's account inundated with a flurry of funny responses.