'Genius': Fans take social-distancing to new heights to watch team

Fans of Motor Lublin race team renting cranes to watch their team.
Fans of Motor Lublin race team hired cranes to support their team and abide by social-distancing restrictions in Poland. (Images: Instagram)

Crazed fans in Poland have rented 21 cranes to abide by social-distancing rules to watch their team race at the local speedway.

Motor Lublin were up against team GKM Grudziaz at the local speedway track, but only a limited number of fans were allowed into the stadium due to coronavirus restrictions.

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Speedway racing is a huge sport in parts of Poland and it showed after fans pooled together and rented 21 cranes to watch the top division race play out.

The scene made for some extraordinary photos.

The fans have been implementing the tactic for a couple of weeks after an account showed the fans celebrating with flares at the end of one race.

Speedway takes off in Poland

The fans that went to the trouble in hiring the cranes would not have been disappointed after Motor Lublin defeated the travelling team 58-32.

The Speedway Extraleague in Poland is the nation’s most popular sport.

More people attend the speedway championships than Polish Football League games.