Moses demanding best from Blues says NSW playmaker Luai

Mitchell Moses has stepped up as Blues boss, with the veteran halfback making his mark on the NSW Origin team since his call-up for game two at the MCG.

Halves partner Jarome Luai says an "assertive " Moses has provided direction and leadership as the Parramatta star tries to help save their series on Wednesday night.

Moses, 29, will start in place of Nicho Hynes, who paid the price for the 38-10 loss in Sydney earlier this month.

He's among five new faces in the NSW side with centre Latrell Mitchell another big inclusion by coach Michael Maguire.

Jarome Luai says recalled halves partner Mitchell Moses has brought a "real leadership vibe". (Dan Himbrechts/AAP PHOTOS)

With the Blues squaring off against the Melbourne Storm Jersey Flegg team in an opposed session at AAMI Park on Monday, Luai said Moses had been calling the shots.

"He's been awesome, he's been really assertive of what he wants of this team and I think in a way that's sort of what we needed after game one," Luai said.

"He's come in and brought that real leadership vibe and just freed up everyone else, allowing them to be at their best, so he's been awesome."

Moses has only played three Origin matches but would likely have been Maguire's first choice for the opener but for a long-term foot injury.

His kicking game will be key in the open space at the famed cricket ground.

Penrith playmaker Luai said that Macguire was letting his halves run the side.

"He (Maguire) knows we're at the top of our game, he's picked players that are playing at their best footy, so he's trusted in that," Luai said.

"He's been really good in sort of letting us take control of the team, bringing our own leadership skills out to the table and just own the side and we sort of love that as players, the trust that he's showed in us.

"We've done the work, we've done the prep and now it's time to lay it out all on the line and get this win."

Luai was also relishing renewing his combination with Mitchell, with the pair last playing together in 2021 when the Blues won the series 2-1.

Luai looks forward to resuming his Origin combination with Latrell Mitchell. (Dan Himbrechts/AAP PHOTOS)

He said his job was to "unleash the beast" by giving Mitchell the ball in space.

"He's (Mitchell's) got a bit of aura about him," Luai said of the South Sydney gamebreaker.

"He says it himself, when he's in blue he's got his family on the back and brotherhood on the front.

"I've had some really good times with him in camp, just can't wait to go out there and keep building on that connection we've been working on.

"He's obviously a very powerful dude, so my responsibility is to get him the ball in some space and shine the light on him and help him bring that (beast) out of himself."