Moose chases skiers down slope, prompting stern warning: ‘Go faster!’

Skiers in Wyoming were inspired to speed up their descent down a slope at Jackson Hole when a moose began to give chase.

Ken Rynearson, a chiropractor from Traverse City, Michigan, was skiing with friends when the moose surprised them and inspired them to go faster.

Rynearson posted video of the chase on his Facebook page, writing, “I did not have moose chasing us down the mountain on my bingo card.”

Alex Momot also posted video of the encounter from Sunday on his Facebook page.

You can hear Rynearson imploring other skiers to “Go faster!”

Eventually, the moose made a turn onto a different run and—fortunately—left the skiers behind.

Among the comments from Rynearson’s Facebook post:

“That’s crazy and so cool!”

“That’s wild!”

“Now there is something you don’t see everyday!”

Story originally appeared on For The Win