Holm shocks the world with KO win

In one of the greatest upsets in mixed martial arts history, Holly Holm has defeated Ronda Rousey to claim the women’s bantamweight championship at UFC 193 at Etihad Stadium.

Ronda had proven to be a star whose light showed no sign of dimming, that was, until Holm put her lights out with a left roundhouse kick to the head at 59 seconds into the second round.

Holly Holm's record now stands at 10-0. Source: Getty
Holly Holm's record now stands at 10-0. Source: Getty

It was clear from the first round that former world boxing champion Holm had shown up to fight.

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As Rousey pressed, Holm countered with jabs and rights that stunned her opponent. Rousey stayed the aggressor, but looked anxious as she pushed the pace.

By the middle of the first round Rousey was bleeding from the mouth and by the end was visibly rocked.

During the first break her trainer told her she was doing fine, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth – Rousey was in serious trouble for the first time in her MMA career.

Rousey again came out aggressive to start the second, but Holm remained calm and composed, countering at will. After a short clinch, Holm spun Rousey around and followed up with the high kick.

Holm later said it was a kick she practised many times during her training.

Rousey’s record moves to 12-1 while the new champion remains undefeated at 10-0.

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