MMA fighter's 'horrendous' injury leaves viewers squeamish

WARNING: The following story contains graphic images some viewers may find disturbing

Viewers were forced to turn away in horror after an MMA fighter’s sickening leg injury rocked the sport.

Sofiane Boukichou was fighting Tom Aspinall at Cage Warriors 101 in Liverpool when the horrific incident occurred.

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The French fighter attempted to kick his opponent early in the first round but his attack went horribly wrong.

Boukichou’s forceful blow caught the shin of Aspinall, causing him to collapse to the floor in agony.

Boukichou’s injury left fight fans horrified. Pic: Cage Warriors/Twitter
Boukichou’s injury left fight fans horrified. Pic: Cage Warriors/Twitter

He fell to the canvas clutching his leg as it became instantly apparent that the French fighter had suffered an excruciating leg break.

Horrified viewers described the scenes and the blood-curdling sound of Boukichou’s leg snapping as it struck his opponent, with gruesome images showing the extent of the injury.

Knowing his rival was in a severely bad state, Aspinall backed off straight away as the referee rushed in to stop the fight.

A picture of Boukichou later emerged from his hospital bed, with the stricken fighter in seemingly good spirits.

He’s set to have an operation on the leg before heading home to start on the lengthy road to recovery.

Aspinall improved his record to 6-2-0 after the dramatic bout.