Female fighter beats 240kg male opponent in 'sickening' scenes

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Seen here, Female MMA star Darina Mazdyuk and 240kg Youtuber Grigory Chistyakov touch gloves before their fight.
Russia played host to one of the biggest mismatches in mixed martial arts history. Pic: Twitter

Mixed martial arts fans have been left outraged after one of the most bizarre fights the sport has ever seen.

In what could only be described as one of MMA's biggest mismatches, a 62kg professional female fighter took on a male opponent that weighed almost 180kg more than her.

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Russian women's MMA star Darina Mazdyuk looked to be in a world of hurt when she entered the cage against 240kg YouTuber Grigory Chistyakov - a man nearly four times her weight.

Mazdyuk used her speed and hitting power to attack her much bigger opponent but seemed to be in danger when Chistyakov grabbed hold of her near the side of the cage.

However, the female star managed to free herself from Chistyakov's grasp, before launching a flurry of strikes to the head that sent her rival crashing to the canvas.

The contest was effectively over from that point, with Mazdyuk continuing her relentless pounding to Chistyakov head, before the referee called an end to the bout after just 90 seconds.

Former UFC fighter Julie Kedzie congratulated Mazdyuk for her bravery, with the fight going viral on social media.

“It takes a certain kind of bravery to fight that last bout, and I sincerely hope it gets funnelled into a career that makes her bravery universally applauded,” Kedzie said.

Many viewers, including UFC referee Marc Goddard, slammed the farcical fight and said it was a "sickening" look for the sport.

Outrage over farcical scenes

“This is what we are dealing with – in 2020,” Goddard said.

“This is what we are fighting against as the parallels and negative connotations are continually drawn.

“To outsiders and detractors, this is MMA. Shameful. Sickening. Abysmal.”

Real reason behind bout emerges

In a heartwarming twist after the fight, however, Chistyakov revealed the reason why he stepped into the cage in the first place.

The 240kg giant said the death of a close friend had inspired him to do something about his weight, and improve his own health after a recent operation in hospital.

“I’m starting to train, and I will try to lead a more healthy lifestyle,” Chistyakov said after the fight.

“I’ll tell you, a man died today — my friend, a blogger. He weighed 190kg. Please Lord, all people, take care of yourself.

Chistyakov applauded his opponent after the fight, saying after his initial strategy failed he was devoid of a back-up plan.

“I lay on her back, but she did not fall, and then I didn’t know what to do," Chistyakov said.

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