The Easter eggs too dangerous to give to small children

Adults have been warned ahead of Easter over a potentially dangerous item that could cause children to choke.

Parents and guardians should think twice before picking up bags of mini-sized eggs to gift or use in treasure hunts for small children, CPR Kids founder and paediatric nurse Sarah Hunstead told Yahoo News Australia.

The small, oval-shaped chocolates could turn any calm occasion into an immediate medical emergency.

"Small objects similar to the size of grapes, cherry tomatoes or large blueberries are a choking risk because of the size of a child's airway," Ms Hunstead said.

CPR Kids founder Sarah Hunstead warned against giving kids mini eggs for Easter. Source: Facebook/CPR Kids
CPR Kids founder Sarah Hunstead warned against giving kids mini eggs for Easter. Source: Facebook/CPR Kids

"Those mini eggs are the same shape – they're round, smooth and solid – so that is the perfect storm for a child who's excited and shoving chocolate and everything in their mouth."

The danger of mini eggs for small children

Mini eggs far too easily can slip down the wrong way and cause a choking incident, Ms Hunstead said.

Those purchasing gifts for little ones ahead of Easter should instead reach for larger hollow eggs which can be broken up, chewed and swallowed safely.

"Buy a bigger egg, have fun together, smash it up and give them appropriate sized pieces," Ms Hunstead said.

What to do if a child starts choking?

Adults need to spring into action immediately if a young person begins choking and act according depending on whether the child can cough or not.

"If they have a strong effective cough, you encourage them to keep coughing," Ms Hunstead said.

The "scary one" however is when the child has their airway completely blocked by something and they can't cough.

"Stay calm, call for help, and give back blows and chest thrusts," she said.

An easter display featuring mini eggs. Source: Twitter
Adults should avoid mini eggs while shopping for small children, and go for large hollow eggs instead. Source: Twitter

Adults should give five firm, sharp back blows between the shoulder blades and if that doesn't work, five short sharp chest thrusts on their breast bone will need to be performed.

"Keep going until it either comes out or they become unconscious, which is when you need to start CPR," Ms Hunstead said.

Ambulances officers will also be able to coach adults through the first aid process until help arrives.

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