Michael Smith pulls off perfect leg in Darts World Championship final

The Darts World Championship final between Michael Smith and Michael van Gerwen produced something fans might never see again. CREDIT: SKY SPORTS/PDC Darts

Video transcript

- --not to find a break a throw in this set if he wants to level up the world championship final. Michael van Gerwen isn't in any mood to give him a sniff.

- Yeah, the combination finishing in this game is going to be key. You can tell by the way they're scoring. There may be nothing in it.

They might be on nines. Michael may miss and Michael may hit. They're both the nines.

They're both on a nine! This is insane. Come on, now!

- Wow. The world championship final. Michael van Gerwen is out of [INAUDIBLE]. And the world final and just misses double 12. Over to you, Michael Smith.

- One man misses. Does the other man get? I've never seen the like.

Come on, [INAUDIBLE] boy! Yes, double 12! That is the most amazing leg of darts you will ever see in your life. I can't speak. I can't speak.

- Absolutely unbelievable. The crowd are going berserk. Michael Smith makes more history in the world final, but that is simply the best leg of darts ever, ever, ever.