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Michael Smith on LeBron vs. Udoka, getting old and the young Thunder | GWG

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Michael Smith from Brother from Another joins Vincent Goodwill on his birthday to talk about getting old, not realizing you’ve passed your peak until you’ve passed it, up and coming young teams in the NBA and whatever happened between LeBron James and Ime Udoka.

On this very special birthday episode of the Good Word with Goodwill podcast, Vincent Goodwill welcomes Michael Smith, who you might’ve seen on Amazon or NBC’s NFL coverage or from his Peacock show Brother from Another.

The first half of the podcast is a deep discussion about getting older, changing as a person, and using the wisdom earned over time to better yourself. There’s almost no basketball discussion (except for the conversation about giving up pickup basketball once you reach a certain age), but it’s still a conversation worth listening to!

The natural transition out of a conversation about aging is Ben Simmons, who got an epidural to deal with his ongoing back pain. That news leads to a conversation about which historical NBA players Vince and Michael wish they could give an injury-free career to and how quickly windows close on experienced NBA teams and veteran NBA players.

It’s not all about the old guys, though. Michael asks Vinnie for his thoughts on some young teams that are having success early on in this season: the Thunder, Magic and Timberwolves. The Thunder have grown internally and added the perfect player into the mix in Chet Holmgren, the Magic have found a way to get all the young guys to play together as a team and the Timberwolves….well, Vince still doesn’t trust KAT.

Vince has some fun asking Michael what in-game NBA rule he would change, if he could, and Michael comes back with what NBA-related wish Vince would want granted if he could have anything.

Finally, the guys discuss LeBron James getting a technical foul and Ime Udoka getting ejected from a game after those two men had a quiet conversation on the sidelines. What was said? And does old man tone mean anything?

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